My 17-hour Ramadan Fasting in Portugal

I checked on my Ramadan calendar and then I just realized that today is already the 28th day of Ramadan. Sadly, we are now reaching the end of Ramadan. For anyone who doesn’t know what Ramadan is and why do the Moslems fast during Ramadhan, I will try to put an excerpt from the Qur’an about the order to fast during Ramadan.

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Porto Insider: You Can Take (Zillion) Pictures at Livraria Lello e Irmão with These Tips and Tricks.

Whoever has came or lived in Porto must be familiar with the sentence, “No photo PLEASEEEE!!!!” at the world’s third most beautiful bookstore, Livraria Lello e Irmão. Being notable as the bookstore that inspired JK Rowling for her infamous Harry … Continue reading

Do You Believe in Coincidence? Or, You Call it a Fate?


I have to tell you about my last getaway to Andalusia. Not exactly about the places (which undoubtedly beautiful), but about some unexpected events happened during my trip. This trip was planned, of course. It was just that some events concurred in their own ways that made me & Martha, my travel mate, questioned: Were those only coincidences? or, fates?

OK, let me tell you how it began.

After my friend, Bilqis, knew that my Erasmus Mundus application got accepted, she lend me her 99 Cahaya Islam di Langit Eropa (99 Islamic Lights on the Sky of Europe) book to me. She “forced” me to Continue reading

[OMG! Inspiring Friends] Tri Wuri, Travel around the World by Writing Papers

Introducing: Tri Wuri Asri Sulistyowati

Introducing: Tri Wuri Asri Sulistyowati

We just happened to have many inspiring friends around us or met new friends who has done many things in life that we could learn the positive ways of their experiences. That’s what inspired me to write about [OMG! Inspiring Friends] series.

For the first episode, I got the chance to have a gossippy girls talk with Tri Wuri, whom I usually call Ntir, a consultant-slash-traveller who always challenge herself to grab those conferences opportunities to travel around the world in such a young age (plus, expand her network and skills). I haven´t met her for ages so having this interview and our Skype gossip sessions were indeed…awe-inspiring!

We chatted with our mother language, Bahasa Indonesia, of course! But no worry, English translation is available here: You can read the sentences in oranges x)

(psst, we didnt talk about people. We talked about..places!)

How could she travel around the world by writing papers? Curious? Let’s hear her story here ;)

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OMG! Have a Taste of Seville @ Heladería La Fiorentina

With the talented Sr. Joaquín Liria

With the talented Sr. Joaquín Liria


It has been quite a long time I didn’t post about culinary places and jrengjrengjreeeng… with lots of pleasure, I want to introduce you to my most favourite ice cream cafe in Europe (so far!), Heladería La Fiorentina! I knew this place after I did a quick google before my trip to Seville, Spain. Looking for cool places to taste locals’ foods is indeed my must-do activity for every travel.

I considered myself lucky to find this place. At that time, I was traveling solo on my first day in Seville because Martha hadn’t arrived yet. When I looked on the address of this heladería, I was like… Continue reading