Ms. OMG! Postcards Exchange

20140407-105649.jpg Ms. OMG! #postcard exchange. Before starting my next travel, I offer these 4 postcards from my previous travel: nicely photographed #Rome postcard, classic #Budapest postcard, Turkish mosques on #Istanbul postcard, and #RealMadrid postcard.
Feel free to poke me when u are interested to swap one with me. For a serious post-swappers, okii :)


UPDATE (11.08 AM):
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Learning How to Play Gamelan from Portuguese Musicians

Javanese Gamelan (in Portuguese: Gamelaõ) is a set of traditional music instruments from Java. Indonesia also has Balinese Gamelan. To understand more about what gamelan is, I put an excerpt taken from “Introduction to Javanese Gamelan” by Prof. Sumarsam, an Indonesian professor who teaches in the Music Department, Wesleyan University, US.

“Java also has rich musical traditions, traditional as well as westernised genres. One of the forms of well-known traditional music of Java and those of neighboring Bali is

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… I Always Want to be an Architect

Marseille, France

Marseille, France

Few days ago, I randomly looked at my traveling albums on iPhoto then I realised… I unconsciously took tons of pictures of European buildings and especially, rooftops. Europe has been offering me with different types of architecture in each city. Some buildings were still being used and sadly, Continue reading

Jadi Bule di Negeri Bule Part IV: When the Sun Comes to Town

“Jadi Bule di Negeri Bule” means being a foreigner in the land of foreigners. Indonesians usually call a foreigner who comes to Indonesia as “bule”, it’s a slang word btw. You can read also “Jadi Bule di Negeri Bule Part I” here , Part II here, and Part III: Saturday in Oporto here


This winter in Porto was harder than last year’s. It rained almost everyday and was very windy. Broken umbrellas were everywhere (FYI, I bought 2 umbrellas in a week. OMG!). I bet some of my friends are bored already with hearing my complaints about winter. I love winter with the snow more than winter with rain. Snow is colder, but I won’t get drenched. and I would be able to take out of my camera. But with the rain? My eyes and lenses had been craving for pictures. I did a photo hunting last weekend but it was awfully raining. *OK Nabila, stop complaining! Sun has arrived now.

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I Blame It All on Turkish Foods!

After coming back from Istanbul, some of my friends in Porto told me that I looked chubbier than ever! Chubbier means gaining weight! Oh nooooooo! It was a big slap for me and I blame it all on Turkish foods. Yes, yes, yes. Those Turkish foods I ate in Turkey. Those delicious and cheap at twice the price Turkish foods. OH GOOOOOOSH, my mouth is watering right now imagining those delicious-o and perfect-o foods.

Angel Nabila: “Relax, Nabila, remember your weight. Go to sleep and wake up early to work out tomorrow!”

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Nabila X Tyas: 5 Fabulous (and Free) Things To Do in #NYC


When Tyas told me that she was going to spend her Christmas holiday in NYC, I was like, “Wow! Everything in that city is completely expensive.” But she has proven that she could be extra fabulous in NYC without spending any money and most importantly, she spilled the beans. She told me five fabulous (and free) places in NYC and here you go. Put on your fabulous clothes, take your camera and lenses, and enjoy NYC without worrying of being broke! x)


*) This post is a part of Nabila X Tyas: #NYC project.

Text and Photos: Asriningtyas Andarini (@tyasandarini)

New York City, the city that never sleeps. One of the most expensive cities in the world, one of the most favorite cities for fashion lovers and one of those big cities that I want to visit. I was indeed lucky, akhir tahun 2013 lalu saya memiliki kesempatan Continue reading

Nabila X Tyas: #NYC

Nabila X Tyas: #NYC

Photo was taken by Tyas Andarini.

Wohoooooo!!! I am proudly introducing:

The collaboration between two best friends who share similar passion in traveling.

Nabila X Tyas: #NYC

@tyasandarini will share her experiences in the city that never sleeps, some tips and tricks on how to stay budget-friendly while staying in this fashionista-favorite city, and of course, fabulous photos of NYC.#TheUnitedStates

and the most awesome thing is those posts will be published at this blog! x)

Some similarities between Nabila X Tyas:

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Living My Days in a Turkish Way of Living (1)


I went out of Sulaymaniye Cami (Mosque) after praying and this was what I saw

I had been studying about the Ottoman Empire as part of my History of Islam class during junior high school. I learned about the rise and downfall of this Empire who had a big influence in the Islamic History. and there is a city where the Ottoman Empire is most famous for: Istanbul. Istanbul or previously named as Byzantium or Constantinopel is one of those cities in the world that is on my bucket list. This city had served as a capital for four empires, namely the Roman Empire (330–395), the Byzantine Empire (395–1204 and 1261–1453), the Latin Empire (1204–1261), and the Ottoman Empire (1453–1922) –source here.

Had been thinking of Turkey as one of the Islamic countries, I thought this country was similar to Middle East countries. Even I thought the language used was Arabic. But then I was wrong!

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DO Date a Girl Who Travels


We do travel. Many times until somehow travels have trained us to be more independent. But that doesn’t mean that we don’t need someone to rely on.

Originally posted on the thai chronicles:


Recently a blog post went viral, translated into 16 different languages the post was called, Don’t Date a Girl who Travels. Wonderfully written and accurate in the description of an independent woman who can’t be tied down, a woman meant to explore, a woman who should not be held back.

I read this post and smiled, recognizing many of the values identified as ones that I have discovered in my own life of travels. It’s tone empowering, fierce, a life lived unconventionally, a women wisely choosing to follow her own will, not that of someone else’s.

Yet I couldn’t help questioning; Why not chase life right along with her? Why has an article celebrating a passionate woman ended with a proclamation to let her go? Why is confidence and daring curiosity in women so often paired with solitude?

So, here goes my response…

Do date a woman who travels.

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OMG! I am Eating the Authentic Kebap in Turkey


Yes yes, there are so many kebap restaurants in the world. But my Turkish friend said that that is not kebap, that is doner.

OMG! Finallyyyy, i am eating the authentic one and almost crying of how good its meat tastes. So, kebap is a minced meat baked with spicy ingredients and eaten with chives, tomatoes, and a bread called Pide (pide looks like Indian Naan bread, but its’t not). We add our additional “spices” like pepper, salt, spicy, etc then we wrap the pide &meat to eat kebap.

For a drink, the good match for kebap is a drink called ayran. It’s a white yoghurt mixed with water and salt. And at the end, for “sobremesa”, of course, the delightful Turkish tea.

Kiss from Istanbul,