Book Review: Something Blue by Emily Giffin

Something Blue-Emily Giffin

I read this book after a best friend of mine had bragged a lot about “Something Borrowed” the movie. She also bought the novel. I read one chapter of it and fell in love with Giffin’s writing. In short, I watched the movie and got annoyed with Dex and Rachel’s behavior toward Darcy. (Well, Darcy’s been annoying too).

But then, at the end of the movie, there was a glimpse of the next chapter between Darcy and Ethan (whoops!). Since Ethan (who’s played by John Krasinski) caught my attention, I had been craving with the Something Blue novel. So, I bought it and read it in one night.

The thing that interests me about this novel is how Darcy tried so hard to be the new and improved her. Not to mention, the love line in that novel. For me, Something Blue is a 100% poisonous novel. I couldn’t stop reading it and repeating it over and over again. And here I am right now, in the middle of the Something-Blue-after-effect and am googling a lot about the others Emily Giffin’s novels. Gotta go to the nearest bookstore ASAP :p



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