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Book Review: Thanks for the Memories by Cecilia Ahern

Thanks for the Memories - Cecilia Ahern

My friend who brought this novel told me that she was attracted by its title. Well, at that time, she had some left memories with her ex. When she was telling me about the novel, I recognized the author. I had watched Ahern’s PS. I Love You the Movie & I cried. So I thought, why wouldn’t I read this novel?

The novel started with the introduction of each actors, one was a professor and one was a soon-to-be divorcee woman who just lost her baby. The connection between two of them was the blood. Kinda awkward, wasn’t it? Yes, the professor donated his blood and unintentionally, she got the blood and somehow both of them felt that they had known each other though they hadn’t met yet.

The introduction was kinda long and boring. I was expecting that they would meet ASAP because I was curious what would happen when they finally met. But I was wrong. They just unfortunately missed the opportunities over and over again. As a result, I closed the novel and didn’t continue reading it.


12 thoughts on “Book Review: Thanks for the Memories by Cecilia Ahern

  1. haha bhell kirain aku bakal diceritain dan ada reviewnya x) aku namatin itu buku, emang rada boring sih intro nya… pas ketengah baru agak rame.. haha

  2. Nab, nanti tanggal 18 maret hari minggu pagi ada acara? 🙂

    Saya dapet kabar nih dari temen blogger, nanti di Ciwalk tanggal segitu ada acara nonton bareng film “The Witness”, film thriller buatan Indonesia-Filipina. Tentunya, gratis. 😀 Katanya sih bakal dateng juga aktor2 pemainnya.

    Tentunya, yang dateng bakal banyak ada blogger2 Bandung. Berminat? 😀

    Oh ya, kalo mau tahu tentang The Witness, cek di, search “The Witness”. 🙂

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