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Book Review: The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins

I got curious about The Hunger Games after I had watched its movie trailer. At first, I didn’t realize that this was based on a book until a friend of mine tweeted about the book.

What is a hunger game?

Well, reading this book need a lot of my imagination. The synopsis behind the book said that the “country” located somewhere at North America. It’s totally a fictional location. A country that has 13 districts, but one got extinct. The book tells a story about a very tough girl named Katniss Everdeen, who lives with her depressed-after-the-death-of-her-husband mother and a 12-year-old sister named Prim. The district 12 where she lives was the poorest among the other 11 districts. She loves hunting and befriends w/ Gale, who also melts her heart.

The conflict started when Katniss volunteered herself on behalf of her sister, who got elected as one of the Hunger Games tributes. The Hunger Game is an annual competition held by the Capitol. Each district has to come up with 2 volunteers, a boy and a girl. Those 24 tributes from 12 districts then have to compete against each other (ups, I mean: kill each other), the deadly environment, and the “additional games” from the Game-makers. Only one tribute can win this Hunger Game and it got broadcasted in all districts.

Overall, I gave this novel 3 out of 5 stars. Why? Because at first, I felt bored of the tributes preparations. They were dressed like they were in a such beauty pageant (Wtf?). They also had to be interviewed to attract some sponsors who will provide them with foods, medicines, etc. But my boredom soon turned into an astonishment once the game had began. I thought that Jennifer Lawrence fitted Katniss Everdeen’s character perfectly so I imagined her while I was reading this book. Her toughness had amazed me and I turned the page over and over again (PS. At first, it took more than a week for me reading this book. But soon, it turned into just two days. Perfect!).

I was relieved that Suzanne Collins didn’t make this book into another Twilight romance & didn’t turn its ending into Romeo Juliet they-said-it-romantic-but-i-said-wtf ending. The Game-makers’ craziness had saved its ending but in contrast, it made me frowned for a while. To sum up, I really want to watch the movie version ASAP (gosh, I need to go back to Bdg immediately) and I hope Jennifer Lawrence won’t disappoint me.

And, I am not recommending any teenager under 17 to read this book. 12 to 18 year old teenagers killing each other and being watched by the entire country? #doooh


6 thoughts on “Book Review: The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins

  1. yes yes, alur pertamanya ngebosenin, masih hura-hura dan kurang greget. di filmnya juga kesannya bertele-tele, tapi begitu masuk games-nya, baru rada seru, walau ternyata plotnya gak seperti yg dikira, ceritanya gantung, ternyata masih ada lanjutannya. yg penting katnissnya cantik 😉

  2. hai bhel… gw lagi baca seri buku ini dan setuju banget itu pas awal games nya rada aneh. dandan dan treatment sana sini, tapi untung akhirnya seru.

    buku keduanya juga seru walaupun alurnya rada mirip; ngebosenin dan baru seru di belakang. sekarang gw lagi baca buku ketiga dan udah seminggu terlantar karena bosan. blom nyampe ke bagian serunya kali ya? 😛

    • buku ketiga memang plg membosankaaan nisss. gue super sebel sm Katniss. Doi nggak setangguh pas buku #1 ya, labil pisan.
      Gue pernah nulis review overall hunger games books di tumblr, but it contains lot of spoilers :p

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