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Make Your Own Cookies Milk for Your Summer Holiday

Cookies Milk

In a need of something-to-do in your (summer) holiday? Well, why don’t you make your own cookies milk rather than buying it in some recently-famous milk cafes like Kalimilk? Because of my addiction to that kinda milk variation, I did some experiments with my sister. We tried to make the (oreo) cookies milk by our own. The recipe is so simple yet it is easy to make.



  • o.5L fresh cow milk
  • a pack of Oreo (or whatever you call it)
  • as-much-as-you-like ice cubes
  • (Only) A blender

Firstly, because you want to make a cookies milk, you have to prepare cookies. In this case, I bought a pack of Oreo (everyone knows Oreo, rite?). Then you need THE fresh cow milk. Half a liter of it is just fine. To be honest, it is incredibly a lot because it can be made into two elephant-sized glasses.

The Ingredient(s)

Blend those Ingredient(s)!

Secondly, put those ingredients in a blender. Then turn it on and just wait. Voila! Your cookies milk are ready to be served into 2 elephant-sized glasses. Super duper easy, right? But, I do have some notes if you want to try this recipe, i.e:

  1. Take notice of the proportion of the ice cubes and the fresh cow milk.
  2. The oreo’s sweet enough already (for me). Put more sugar if you want a sweeter one.
  3. Do not crush the oreo before putting it in blender. That’s because the blender will make it crushed enough.

That’s all, folks. Enjoy this cookies milk in the middle of sunny hot weather. Well, Indonesia has been so hot lately, especially in my small city, Solo. Pheww~

Com os melhores cumprimentos,

(PS. Photos were taken by me. Credit is required if you are going to use those in yours. Thank you.)

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