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Class Without Frontiers: a Creative Way to Introduce the World

Last wednesday, i took part as a voluntary teacher with my colleague, Titi Sari, in a program called School Without Frontiers. I knew about that information from the email from the International Office of Universidade do Porto, the university where I study my Master. The main objective for that school activity is to introduce the culture of the country where the “voluntary” teacher belongs to so that the students know better about the other countries directly from the the local people.

I had to prepare slide and I was so excited in preparing the slides, so was Titi. The moment I was making the slide, suddenly I missed Indonesia a lot! Right now I live very far away from Indonesia and I mesmerized many many many things I have in Indonesia. Plus, Indonesian beautiful sceneries. And I said to myself: Damn! I love Indonesia.

At first, i was so nervous. Yes. Nervous! I was going to present my country in front of 20 Portuguese 9th grade students! OMG! Fortunately, the teacher helped me and Titi a lot so our confidence boosted.

The students were very very very nice. They seemed very excited seeing 2 Indonesians and they started asking us some Indonesian words, e.g I love you (aku cinta kamu), thank you (terima kasih), etc. Some also took notes of those Indonesian words!

The presentation went well. We also presented the Wonderful Indonesia video and the students made a big WOW expression when they saw Komodo (Indonesian iconic animal). They also laughed when seeing the old man smiling on the video. I was really happy seeing the students’ expressions. My heart melted! :”>

At the end of the class, Titi and I gave Indonesian handkerchiefs with Batik motif to the students and teacher. Batik is one of Indonesian traditional fabrics and Titi and I wore Batik on that day also. We are very proud of Batik. We also made some quizzes and the winner got the Indonesian postcards.

After doing that school without frontiers activity, my mood was totally good. The students brought positive energy and the world seemed brighter for me ( I have been in the middle of many assignment deadlines. That’s why). Then, when I was at the faculty, a notification came to my phone and I was shocked. Some of those students added me on facebook and one student wrote on my facebook timeline.


It was so touching :”> and she wrote that in Indonesian.

If there is another similar activity like this, i would really love to participate. Yes, I do. This activity should be held in some schools especially for young students to make them know the world better. Cause the world is so colorful and you never get bored of it!


PS. If you want to see my presentation, here it is.


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