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My week in Catalunya: Besalú

Hola! (Hello in Spanish)

What comes to your mind when you plan a trip to Spain? For me, the first time I planned my trip to Spain, one city that came to my mind was Barcelona. Yes, Barcelona. Thanks to the famous FC Barcelona–my little brother is a soccer fan and my best friend, @jengririz, poisoned me with Lionel Messi thingy during my internship two years ago. As a result, I booked a flight ticket to Barcelona and also planned to visit my Erasmus Mundus friend, Wulan, in Girona (1.5h by train from Barcelona).

Before my Catalunya trip last week, I have been to Barcelona last year for an impulsive quick trip with my friends. and thanks to unlucky accidents there, I spend only less than 24h last week. Last year accident in Barcelona is so traumatic for me, haha.  Okay forget that.

I just knew this medieval small city of Catalunya from Wulan. She recommended me to visit Besalú. To be honest, the name didn’t sound familiar for me. Then I googled it and here they were. Those pictures of Besalú that made me said “let’s go there!” To visit Besalú, we took the bus from Girona. It costs around 7.5 euros for round trip and took about 40 minutes to go there.

Welcome to Besalú

Welcome to Besalú

During the trip, I saw the beautiful scenery of Banyoles lake. Unfortunately, it was winter so I decided not to stop by. After arriving, the first view of Besalú was the bridge. I felt like I was seeing the bridge and the gate that I usually see on movies! Besalú has the old city part and the new one. The new one didn’t seem interesting for us, so we decided just to stroll around the old medieval city of Besalú.

The old city of Besalú

The old city of Besalú

Catalan flags are everywhere

Catalan flags are everywhere

I am not a fan of political thingy, but seeing Catalan flags in every spot made me curious about the “state” of Catalunya. The  Catalan really want to be separated from Spain. They want to be independent but they lost.

Beautiful yet Classic Corner

Beautiful yet Classic Corner

The old city is so small. We didn’t use map to stroll around every corner. Just got lost and explored every corner by foot. We found many many many beautiful corners and narrow streets that made me totally in love with the atmosphere. It was on Friday but the city was so quiet and calm.

A Boy Stroll Around with His Scooter

A Boy was Strolling Around with His Scooter


There are also many Religious Sculptures

FC Barcelona

Restaurant Wall Dedicated to FC Barcelona

The Legend of the King of Besalú

The Legend of the King of Besalú

OMG! I'm in Besalú

OMG! I’m in Besalú

The Gate

The Gate

Bridge and the Gate

Bridge and the Gate

If you plan to visit Besalú, you can spend a day here and it’s enough. Try to eat at the local restaurant even though the price is the tourist price (around 10 euros). A trip to Besalú is tooootally worth your time and money! and don’t forget, please do not bring your luggage while strolling around this old city, the road isn’t friendly enough for the luggage. Surely it is.

See you on My Week in Catalunya: the Beautiful Girona.



10 thoughts on “My week in Catalunya: Besalú

  1. Bhell.. kamu kurusan yaaa? Hehe
    Btw, kotanya bikin mupeng,,, kayanya klo jaman dulu anak fiesta shooting film buat fairyfora gitu, cocok bgt nih bhel..

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