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Happy Birthday, Uni Intania!

Happy Birthdaaaaaaaaaaay, Uni!

Me & Uni (2010)

Olá! Boa tarde (Portuguese-good afternoon).

Today is March 15th, 2013 and it is a special day because one of my best friends was born on this date 23 years ago. This post is dedicated to that friend of mine, who  has been one of the precious friends and also being a sister (Uni– Padang language for big sister) for me.

and her name is… Intania Rahma Sani.


The first time I knew her was in high school. I knew her as the smart girl, Islamic boarding school graduate, and the one who always read Al Qur’an regularly. I didn’t quite close to her during my first and second year but then she became my roommate on my third year of study (my high school is also a boarding school). Then I started knowing her well. I started calling her Uni because her mother calls her so. I started knowing all of her love stories also :p Uni is spontaneous, funny, as spoiled as me, and (still) the smart girl I have ever known. She is also very active by joining OSIS (Student Organisation) and other committees. But unfortunately, she was sick several times and I still remember those medicines she had to take 😦

After high school graduation, Uni got accepted in Regional Planning ITB (the same university as mine). after that, we got more and more closer. I always could rely and tell my problems or stories to her. Somehow, she could give good advices and in the same time, she joked a lot. Similar case to Icut, she also moved to my apartment. Uni loves watching those cheesy Indonesian music TV programs, i.e Inbox and Dahsyat. She memorises those cheesy songs also while Icut & I always been the one who mocked those songs. Lol.

During undergraduate study, she had been very active in her faculty’s student organisation and fortunately, she was sooo healthy! Not as “weak” as before. She ate well (in really really good, healthy, and expensive restaurants or cafes– except her favourite KFC) but still so lazy in doing exercises. I envy her long legs! Uni loves reading books. She reads everything and no one can distract her when she is reading a book. Another hobby of Uni is sleeping. After her busy days, she can sleep everywhere. Yes, everywhere! I still remember she slept at my birthday dinner while me, Tyas, Bilqis, & Icut were laughing loudly. Hoooow could yooooou????? lol

Uni tooootally can sleep everywhere

Uni tooootally can sleep everywhere

Uni's Engagement Day

Uni’s Engagement Day

Uni is now a married woman. She is a proud wife of Rifqi Marwan, her senior in Reginal Planning ITB. Unfortunately, I couldn’t attend her wedding party because I had to depart to Portugal. I was supposed to be one of the bridesmaids. I cried so hard when I was watching her wedding photos. I was sooo happy that I wanted to scream out loud but at the same time I was moved. It was one of the touching moments in my life. She was standing there with her husband, the man whom she chose to spend the rest of her life with.

Uni's Bday Gift

Uni’s Bday Gift

Uni's Birthday Cake

Uni’s Birthday Cake

And now, I start crying again because I start missing her a lot. We used to make a surprise birthday party then kidnap the birthday girl to treat us in a fancy restaurant or cafe. But now, we have been separated by continent and cities. Uni lives in Depok with her husband, Icut Bilqis and Tyas live in Bandung, and me in Porto. Even though I cannot celebrate your birthday beside you this year, I always hope that:

our Uni will be more and more awesome day by day, be the wife that Marwan always can be proud of, be the best in her Master’s study, and more inspiring day by day also.

Uni, I love you. We love you. Always.

Porto, March 15th, 2013.

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