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The World is This Beautiful. Why do We Ruin It?

Boston Marathon Bombings: Victim Martin Richard, 8, With ‘No More Hurting People, Peace’ Hand-Made Poster (Taken from

A bombing at Boston Marathon event is a sad news, indeed. My deepest condolence for those victims, families, friends, and everyone in Boston. After that attack, these past days, there were some news about how those FBI already killed one suspect of Boston bombers (The other one is now still in coma state, isn’t he?).

Then yesterday, some of my friends on facebook shared a link about “Boston Truth Revealed“, which says that those two previous suspects aren’t the real suspects. Ok, one is dead and one is in coma and the truth finally revealed? I don’t know if that new news is a new media manipulation or it is a real truth.

And today, a friend of mine shared this article on facebook saying how is it like to be a Moslem in Boston right now.

It’s always been like these: An attack. Innocent citizens become victims. Blame particular group. As a result, innocent citizens become victims (again and again and again!!!). When will it stop?

Let’s try to be objective.

For me, no matter what his/her background is or which group he/she belongs to, doing such inhuman actions is awful. We are human being and I do believe that our God prohibit us to do such things also, right?

For instance, when I was in Amsterdam during Christmas time, I stayed with a Dutch family. They greeted me really well. They were so nice and even asked me, do I want to stay at home or go to the church with them on Christmas Eve. I asked them,” is it okay?” and they said, “of course, Nabila.” I chose to join them, though I did nothing and only sat at the church while they did misa. After the misa, one of the pastors came to me and greeted me. He said, “Merry Christmas and enjoy your holiday in Amsterdam.” He also offered me Christmas cake and tea afterwards.

Was it beautiful? I was so touched when he said that. At first I thought it would be so strange for them seeing a Moslem woman inside their church while they have misa. But I was wrong. I had Christmas dinner and my hosts even gave me Christmas presents. I don’t celebrate Christmas but I was so happy during that time because they treated me like I am me. No matter my religion is or my background is. I felt like I was with my family.

Let’s try to be objective.

We know that media has this power to manipulate. We don’t know if it’s real fact or not. So, before judging others, it’s better to look for the real truths, isn’t it? and just stay the way we are. The human being. Who treat other human beings as human being also. The world is this beautiful and we don’t want to ruin it, do we? Like what this kid is saying on his poster above: No More Hurting People. Peace.


3 thoughts on “The World is This Beautiful. Why do We Ruin It?

  1. I agree *_*! it’s not about ‘who’ did it, but whoever they are, they still hurt people and there are victims! However on a situation like this, the easiest thing is to find anyone we can blame, but in the end we tend not to search further about the truth, and focusing all our efforts on blaming ‘the suspects’. In the end there will be more victims instead. After reading your comments on my post I began to rethink again about the ‘alternate truth’ :).. It might be real and it might be not. But we still have to be aware, because I saw in one of the website of an Anti-America or Anti-Illuminati whatever group that they used this alternate news to try influence people and that is just as bad -_-. Screw the medias who use this opportunity to influence people with their ideology >__<.

    • omg! that’s horrible. ideology is good as long as we have this basic knowledge why that ideology is acceptable. the other reason why media can manipulate easily is because most people are either less educated or just too lazy to look for the truth and just believe what they read and see.

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