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Jadi Bule di Negeri Bule Part III: Saturday in Oporto


Local Market @ Jardim de Carlos Alberto

“Jadi Bule di Negeri Bule” means being a foreigner in the land of foreigners. Indonesians usually call a foreigner who comes to Indonesia as “bule”, it’s a slang word btw. You can read also “Jadi Bule di Negeri Bule Part I” here and Part II here

Spring has come to town! I never appreciated sun this much when I was in Indonesia. Every time sun comes to Porto, I spend time outside by walking around the city or just laying down sunbathing. And saturday is the best day to do that!

After spending my weekdays focusing on school duties, I prefer not to spend my Saturday at my room. So, I usually go out, attend some events in Porto, eat Portuguese foods or snacks, pamper my camera lens by documenting the city itself, etc. These are some of my ways to live my life here. After spring has come, there are many events that occur on weekend. The downtown of Porto also more crowded on Saturday. Most citizen in Porto are going out, sun is shining, and everyone seems so happy. I love seeing other people’s happy face and somehow it makes my day becomes brighter! Positive energy’s effects, isn’t it?






I love Saturday in Porto because usually there are many local markets, local performances, concerts, or parades. I also visited local and flea markets often when I was in Bandung, Indonesia, during my undergraduate study. Those markets are the best way to find local foods, interact with local people, find antique or branded things with crazy price, and many amazing things I have and will encounter. Plus, train my local language (some Sundanese language –regional language in Bandung– I know are “sabaraha? (how much does it cost?)” and “awis pisan (so expensive)”), haha. With my “bule” look in Porto, some sellers were interested of asking where do I come from. They also wanted to know about Indonesia and some knew Indonesia because Portugal and Indonesia’s histories related to East Timor. Once, I got a history-class conversation also with a seller in a local market I went to. OOOOOOHHH, ADOROOOOOO!!!


@ O Berdinho, food market

Vegetarian Cheese Cake @ O Berdinho, food market

Vegetarian Cheese Cake @ O Berdinho, food market

One of my favourite markets on Saturday is the monthly Flea Market Porto. I knew this event from my classmate, Marta, because her sister used to participate here. This event is being held at different place each month and they made a publication through their Facebook page. It doesn’t have any fixed date, but usually it occurs on Saturday. Because I often attend this flea market, one of the regular sellers recognised me when I was there. She happily greeted me and showed me some nice things she had and we had conversation.








and today is Sunday. Stores and restaurants are mostly closed on Sunday. As a result, I prefer to jog, rest, make a list of what should I do and my assignments ahead, study+ watch movies/serials, etc., or I might say what do I do on Sunday in a sentence: preparing myself for tomorrow and those following weekdays before meeting Saturday again.

Bom fim de semana! (Portuguese — Happy Weekend!)



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