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Bring Me Back to Marseille, Please!

Blue, blue, and blue in Marseille

Blue, blue, and blue in Marseille

My trip to Marseille was unplanned and unwanted at first. I chose to go to Marseille because there was a direct flight to Porto (I had exams, I need to go back xD ) and of course, cheap flight ticket. Things were getting worse after some friends who knew that I was going to visit Marseille said that the city was dangerous, too many immigrants, and unsafe for a solo-traveling girl like me. After hearing those comments, I was kind of regretting my decision to go there.

As I said, those feelings happened at first. And stayed at first. Because right now: Bring me back to Marseille, please!!!!!!! I mean it, please! ūüėÄ

This oldest city of France came at the right moment, I was so bored of seeing European architectural buildings. Those buildings were beautiful, I admitted, but I wanted to see something that could refresh my mind. I wanted to see God-made scenery.

Enjoying the sun

Enjoying the sun

Biggie thanks to Satya, Ria, and Rizky who defined my Marseille itinerary after I had arrived at their apartment. They made a well-defined itinerary for me plus how to get to those point of interests. Unfortunately, it was on weekdays so they had to work. In the morning,¬†I was supposed to go to Calanque with their friends, Ijul and Budhi, but due to some miscommunications, I changed my plan to go to¬†√éles¬†du¬†Frioul¬†and¬†√éle¬†d’If, those two islands were known for their bird and rare plants habitants. I heard about¬†√éle¬†d’If from Ali, my friend in Lyon, and he said that there was an old prison at that island. Unfortunately, at that time, the boat didn’t serve a trip to¬†√éle¬†d’If so I went only to¬†√éles¬†du¬†Frioul.¬†Then, I fell in love!

Say Hi to the camera!

Say Hi to the camera!

Kayaking at the port

Kayaking at the port

Satya took me to Vieux Port, this port was accessible by metro. I could smell the sea when I went out of metro. Then, I saw it! The view of those yachts and sea!!!!! I stayed in awe . I took a boat from Vieux Port to¬†√éles¬†du¬†Frioul.¬†It costs around 10 euros for round trip and ¬†takes around 30 minutes to reach that island but I wanted more minutes. I like being on boat. Wind blowed, sky was super duper blue, and a clean deep blue sea made me couldn’t stop admiring what were in front of my eyes.

OMG! I'm on a boat

OMG! I’m on a boat

I was so surprised after I had arrived at √éles¬†du¬†Frioul. It was so calm and silent, though there were many cafes near its port. Well, mostly were closed. To be honest, I didn’t know which way to go in this island so I followed some tourists. I didn’t know also what were its interesting spots. There was a map near the port, but I didn’t quite understand. Yeah, time to get lost once again, yes?

Île d’If from a far

Île d’If from a far


Îles du Frioul


Beach at Calanque Margiret

On my way, I found a calanque. It’s called Calanque Morgiret. I didn’t know what exactly a calanque was. but this calanque was interesting. It was beautiful and empty! Yes, it was empty! I entered the beach by passing two high cliffs. I couldn’t see that beach from outside.

OMG! Calanque behind those two cliffs

OMG! Calanque behind those two cliffs

√éles¬†du¬†Frioul¬†pampered me with its port, Calanque, and beautiful small beach. Suddenly, I regret that I didn’t plan this visit well. I didn’t bring my swimming suit T___T Ooohh, how I was craving for swimming and that blue-slash-tosca sea was in front of my eyes. It was not many people there as well. Stupid me! I spent my time enjoying the sun and beautiful God-made sceneries in front of me. (fyi, my skin got toootally dark because of the sun. Exotic, right? :p )




I was daydreaming that I jump to this spot



Îles du Frioul's Port

√éles du Frioul’s Port

I finished my crawling at this island and continued to meet Ijul and Budhi at Vieux Port. It was super sunny day and an ice cream was a puuurfect company. We were enjoying our ice cream while chatted. I acknowledged that both Ijul and Budhi were friends of my high school friend. We were related unconsciously. Ijul guided us to the old city, cathedral, and Mediterranean Museum.

@ Vieux Port

@ Vieux Port




Unlikely with other cathedrals I have been into in Europe, Cathédrale Sainte Marie Majeure has this stripes pattern. I thought it might have a Moslem influence on its architecture design. and yes it does. Based on this link, it has the combination of the Romanesque, Gothic and Byzantine styles of architecture.

OMG! I'm at Cathédrale Sainte Marie Majeure

OMG! I’m at Cath√©drale Sainte Marie Majeure

As written on “Finally, I have Visited Paris Part I“, the reason why I visited History of Islam section at Louvre Museum was because of Indonesian novel titled 99 Islamic Lights in Europe. Honestly, I was quite disappointed. What I found at Louvre Museum were mostly some stones from cemeteries with Arabic letter. Whaaaat???? They wrote some stories also about the invasion of Islam and how it started to break apart in Europe. Only that. Nothing’s so special. Not like what were written on that novel. They have an old Al Qur’an but then ok, what’s next?


I wasn't sure about this one. and you?

I wasn’t sure about this one. How about you?

In contrast, Mediterranean Museum in Marseille provided me more information. There were Jerusalem, Turkish, and Egyptian section there. Jerusalem section told many stories about Jerusalem being the holy city intertwined between Christian, Moslem, and Jewish. There were many stories explaining about the histories, each of those religion’s beliefs, and even videos showing how Christian, Moslem, and Jewish pray. I spend like 1 hour only at that section. I wish I was there with someone to discuss with. Some sentences written there were different from what I ¬†believe and¬†have learned before. Meanwhile, Egyptian section told many stories especially when Napoleon Bonaparte came to invade Egypt. That “small” story about Napoleon was written on “99 Islamic Lights in Europe” as well. But, the one at this museum was more complete and again, I wish I was there with someone to discuss with. Someone who knows and learns from trustworthy literatures, not from “what people told me” literatures.

A photograph by William Dupuy. I love this one.

A photograph by William Dupuy. I love this one.


The view from Mediterranean Museum’s rooftop


Was it in Egypt? No, it was in Marseille.

On my second day, I went to Notre Dame de la Garde, which Satya said that I can see Marseille from top. I took bus number 60 from Vieux Port to go there. This Notre Dame was its last stop. Although it looked so big from outside, it wasn’t that big inside.

Marseille from the top

Marseille from the top


Notre Dame de la Garde

I took the same bus to bring me back to Vieux Port, Rizky recommended me to take bus number 81 to enjoy Marseille’s breathtaking view of its sea. And, I agreed with what he said. OMG!!!! I fell in love with that view.

A grandma was looking outside. This was the view from bus 81 that will pamper your eyes with the view of Marseille's beautiful beaches along its way.

A grandma was looking outside the window. This was the view from bus 81 that will pamper your eyes with the view of Marseille’s beautiful sea along its way.


David’s Beach

I didn’t spend many times inside the city, I prefer enjoying those sceneries and cursing myself for not bringing any swimsuit (You know I need a special one, right? ¬†So I couldn’t just buy bikinis there :p ). ¬†The city area around Vieux Port was kind of dirty and smelly and as many sources said: Yes, there were many immigrants. Luckily, I didn’t find the city as dangerous as what they said. In contrast, I found those natural God-made sceneries in this city were breathtakingly and glamorously beautiful. Ok, bring me back to Marseille, please? Please? Please? *cute cat eyes*


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