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Cooking Experiment: Portuguese Bacalhau com Natas (Salted Codfish with Nata)

Bacalhau com Natas @ Postigo do Carvão

Bacalhau com Natas @ Postigo do Carvão

My Portuguese friends told me that there are more than 100 recipes of Bacalhau (Portuguese typical salted codfish). My most favourite one is Bacalhau com natas. I am terribly addicted to that kind of Bacalhau cooking. It is baked and has creamy sauce from nata (in Portuguese, it means cream or oily part of milk) and bechamel. After I ate a super delicious Bacalhau com natas at my favourite Portuguese restaurant, Postigo do Carvão, with Wulan; we impulsively decided to try to cook this recipe. Wulan googled some recipes and asked for a help from her Portuguese housemate named Vera. And here is the recipe that we used (for 3 persons):


  • 250gr bacalhau
  • Nata
  • 220 mL Béchamel
  • 5 potatoes
  • ½ onion
  • garlic

Cooking Step(s):

  1. Because bacalhau is super salty, it needs more cares. Bacalhau has to be soaked in a water and the water has to be changed each day. At least for 2 days to reduce bacalhau’s salt.
  2. Boiled bacalhau until it is cooked
  3. Cut bacalhau as small as you can.
  4. Peel potatoes and cut them into small squares.
  5. Fry those potatoes.
  6. Fry garlic & onion with olive oil and then mix with bacalhau and bechamel while frying.
  7. Put #5 and fried potatoes into a ceramic plate then mix them.
  8. Add nata (as much as you like but not too much).
  9. Additional: add cheese on top (usually, there isn’t any cheese on top of bacalhau com natas. But, Postigo do Carvão uses cheese so we added it.)
  10. Put them into an oven and wait for at least 5 minutes (at least, don’t let the cheese gets burned.)
  11. Ready to be served! Yay, done.


Cooked and cut bacalhau

Cooked and cut bacalhau

Cut half of onion

Cut the onion

Before putting cheese on top

Before putting cheese on top

Yeaaay! It's done

Yeaaay! It’s done

When we cooked this, we added to much olive oil and it was kind of oily. and we burned its cheese LOOOOL. The taste? It was delicious for our first try! Yiiippppieee yeeeey. For Indonesians, it is hard to find Bacalhau. In fact, we don’t have it in our country so maybe you can change the fish (and change its name also. not Bacalhau com natas anymore :p). Happy cooking!


3 thoughts on “Cooking Experiment: Portuguese Bacalhau com Natas (Salted Codfish with Nata)

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  2. Mbak Nabila! Ga sengaja nih nemu ur blog. Btw ini Selly. Aq mau coba buat di indo. Kira2 ikan yg bs di pake ikan apa ya? Gurame kah? Thx yaaa.

    • haii mb Selly. Iya nih yg teksturnya kayak bacalhau di Indo susaah. aplgi klo bkn yg pake nata, nata-nya mahaals banget pdhl dsna cm 1EUR yaa. coba pakai kakap gmn mb? terlalu lembut ga?

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