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OMG! Two Winters in Prague, Czech Republic (2) + Prague Postcards Giveaway

OMG! I am looking at the Castle and Charles Bridge

OMG! I am looking at the Castle and Charles Bridge

After so many spoilers on OMG! Two Winters in Prague, Czech Republic (1) and enjoying Prague Castle with that view of handsome guards, I continued my walk down the street to Charles Bridge. It was super easy to reach Charles Bridge from the Castle, you just need to walk straightly down the road. Prague was always so crowded, even in that path along-way to Charles Bridge. While walking, I found my favourite souvenir (and postcard) shop there (on my second visit, I went there again and I unconsciously left my precious Ms. OMG! there). It was on the left side of the street and it also offered a service to have family or single photo studio using Czech traditional clothes. This shop sold many unique souvenirs of Prague, some with supercool photos and some with funny illustrations of Prague.

Some of the Postcards from Prague, Czech Republic

Some of my fav Postcards from Prague, Czech Republic


Czech Traditional food: Roasted duck with dumplings

My friend and I were so hungry at that time and we stopped at a cafe (still on that street to go to Charles Bridge). We were interested on its promotion written on the window: Roasted Duck, dumplings, and soup for only 6 euros, haha! Veeeeery cheap, wasn’t it? Dumplings were always delicious. I like dumplings a lot. Muito. Oh noooo, now I am craving for that because of that picture I posted above. I know it is always not good to post and see any food picture in the middle of the night. How about the roasted duck? Sorry to say, but I love Indonesian fried duck (especially, Pak Ndut’s Fried Duck) and duck in Portuguese Arroz de Pato more.

Me at Charles Bridge

(Small) Me at Charles Bridge

Charles Bridge (in Czech: Karlův Most) is a historical bridge that crosses  the Vltava river and links two sides of Prague (Old Town and Mala Strana).  This stone bridge was build in the 14th century. I came twice during winter so I felt that this bridge was a bit gloomy and gothic. In another word: spooky. There were many statues that being build as a command of the Catholic. I didn’t really know who those statues were so I assumed that those statues were Catholic Saints. Charles bridge was full of people who just passing by, artists who sold their paintings, musicians who played music, tourists who took photos or enjoyed Prague from here, and sadly, beggars! I met a Malaysian family who thought I was Malaysian because of my scarf.

My favourite thing at Charles Bridge was when a street band playing jazz music when the sky got darker. It was like a magic. Imagine these: Prague city lights, Prague incredible view from the bridge, gloomy atmosphere, and a jazz music as a background. It sounded so romantic although my hands were trembling because of minus temperature.



OMG! I am below Charles Bridge

OMG! I am below Charles Bridge

Lovelocks are everywhere in Europe and as often found, made-in-China locks

Lovelocks are everywhere in Europe and as often found, made-in-China locks

My screaming stomach brought me to a Christmas Market at the center of Old Town. Winter was a perfect time to feel Christmas feeling in Europe. Porto didn’t have any Christmas Market but at the opposite, those countries I visited during Winter break had it. Because of my religion, I don’t celebrate Christmas. But I do love being in the middle of the crowd who were looking forward to Christmas, celebrating and sharing their happiness (For Moslems, this was similar with how we feel before Eid Day). People were enjoying the market with their families or relatives, they were so happy. Czech children were performing some theatrical actings on a stage and singing Christmas songs (OMG! Cuteness overload) and my favourite thing: Czech local foods were everywhere!



OMG! I am eating Trdelnik

OMG! I am eating Trdelnik

I ate Langose and Trdelnik at Christmas Market. I didn’t like Langose. It was a fried dough with so many garlics inside and sauce + cheese on top. It tasted very strange and I hated the taste of garlic left on my mouth. Trdelnik was a doughnut with cinnamon and sugar. This one was definitely my favourite. Luckily, we were served by a handsome Trdelnik seller’s son. We were so lucky for choosing this stall! Yaaay!!!


Blurry paparazzi photo of Trdelnik seller’s son

Prague Astronomical Clock

Prague Astronomical Clock

Nearby, you can find (and you should take some pics in front of it) the Old Astronomical Clock. Based on wikipedia, this clock is the third-oldest astronomical clock in the world and the oldest one still working. The problem was I didn’t know how to read that clock properly xD I paid 3 euros (yay, students price) and I went up to the top of its tower to see Prague from the top. It was beautiful. Ok, Prague is always beautiful. But it was freezing! Mine and Titis’ pictures on that tower were awful since we couldn’t make any beautiful expression at all. It was super hard to smile or even pose and smize (smile with eyes) like what Tyra Banks said in ANTM.

Prague from the top of Astronomical Clock Tower

Prague from the top of Astronomical Clock Tower

I have a mission here in Europe: I should try (at least having a coffee) in those world’s most beautiful cafes in Europe. Prague has one! It is Imperial Cafe. Titis & I got lost when we looked for this cafe before. Thanks God, we met Pak Denny (PPI Portugal’s former chairman) and yay we found that cafe. This cafe was incredibly full and we need to book in advance. We managed to enter one hour after. As what’s written on the list, this cafe was beautiful with its art-deco decoration. Most people who ate there dressed so chic.

OMG! I'm at Cafe Imperial

OMG! I’m at Cafe Imperial

On my second visit, I stayed at Cheryl’s couch and then I moved to my Couchsurfing host’s couch, Petra. Petra lived in Odolena Voda, a small village outside Prague. She has 2 sons and a super cute daughter named Gabinka. Her husband was in France at that time. Petra was a photographer and she taught me some photography tips and tricks and of course, Gabinka was very pleased to be my model.

Playing with Gabinka (1)

Playing with Gabinka (1)

Playing with Gabinka (2)

Playing with Gabinka (2)

With Petra's Family

With Petra’s Family

Too many Disney Castle lookalike in Prague

Too many Disney Castle lookalike in Prague



Prague was big and two parts of my traveling here were not enough. I believe the only way to know my whole stories is by experiencing Prague by yourself. See its beauty with your own eyes and be prepared of bumping other persons because Prague is very crowded, either in Winter or Summer or Fall or Spring. I feel this Gothic city is too romantic and I hope to come back there again. Well, I have been there twice so my third should be with someone special :”>

Is there any city that you have been there before and then you want to come back there again, but with someone special? Tell me your stories here and why do you choose that city? I have four Prague postcards giveaway for you whose story is romantic in my opinion 😉


37 thoughts on “OMG! Two Winters in Prague, Czech Republic (2) + Prague Postcards Giveaway

  1. the Trdelnik seller’s son, KYA! *jejeritan* foto fotonya bagus banget, I wish i would have a chance to visit Europe someday. All things in Prague city looks lovable, especially Charles Bridge and the handsome guy. :’) *teteup*

    • ganteng maksimal ya tii. kombo yg oke banget: warm & delicious trdelnik plus senyum mas2 oke yg ngelayanin :”>

      amiiinnnn. i wish you can come to Europe too 😉 indeed, loveable city tho very crowded, hahaha. kalau ke charles bridge wajib bangeeeet ngguin pas ada musisi main musik disana. berasa mejiiik.

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  3. bangettttt kak! pokonya kalo kesana maunya dilayanin ama mas ganteng itu! *lah* wah musisi jalanan gitu ya kak? pasti keren! ngomong-2 kota yang romantis dan pengen banget bikin aku balik kesana, I’ve to say that it is Yogyakarta! hehehe seems like I’m obsessed with this city. ngga tau kenapa pengen banget balik kesana lagi, sukur-2 bareng someone special, terus jalan-2 di Malioboro, milih-2 gelang yang lucu-2, makan di angkringan, naik becak atau delman, liat musisi jalanan dengan gayanya yang nyentrik. terus kalo bisa sih mau ke taman sari lagi, viewnyaaaaaa subhanallah bagus banget kaya lukisan hehehe. mau ke museum kereta (if I’m not mistaken) juga terus makan es dawet murah dan enak di halaman depannya. mau ke keraton sama alun-alun juga. ah mau banget kesana lagi! tapi….. sama siapa. *mendadak galau* *lah hahaha*

      • wah kakak dimana? solo? *sok tau* ada kaaak namanya museum kareta karaton, ga jauh dari alun-alun utara yogya, di sebelah barat keraton yogya, kalo ngga salah. tiketnya murah banget, kalo bawa kamera kena charge lebih. tapi…. keren banget! bisa liat kereta kuno gitulah hehe. wah lupa kak, pokonya ibu-2 gitu yang jual. semoga aja masih ada, mendadak pengen huhu

  4. Halo Nabila!!! Kenalan dulu *salim*… Pas banget nih, aku mampir sini pas… ada postcard GA!! I love postcards!! Mana Prague pula!! Aku dari dulu pengeeeeennnn banget ke Prague.

    Kalo tempat yang pernah aku datengin & pengen balik lagi sama orang yang special, that would be… Hmm… Maybe I’d say Bali. Suamiku belom pernah ke bali. Kasian banget kan?? Aku udah sempet ngajak dia ke Bali sekali abis kita merit. Tapi waktu itu jadinya ya turis banget & buru2, karena pengen cover semua tempat2 penting (Tanah Lot, Kintamani dll) dalam 3 hari. Aku pengen ngajak dia ke Bali lagi & menikmati Bali. Sekedar duduk-duduk aja gitu loh.

    • salim salim. salam kenal juga mbak dian.
      waaah!!! wajib banget itu mb diajakin ke Bali lagi. Bali memang romantis banget dan aku setuju, asikny dinikmati sambil duduk2 ngobrol menikmati keindahan alamnya.
      aku bhkan kepingin banget liburan rute bali-lombok-flores-timor2 sebulanan gtu mgkin yaa. biar bisa selow selow ga turis banget.

  5. Halo Nabila… ^_^
    Mau ikutan doooong..

    Tempat special yang udah pernah aku datengin trus mau balik lagi… so pasti Paris. Kemarin sempet kesana tapi sama ortu dan ujung2nya turis banget. Riweh ngejar naik ini itu. Nah besok2 sih kalo bisa pinginnya berdua sama suami aja.. (walaupun kayaknya ga mungkin yaaah, secara udah ada yang mau nongol nih bentar lagi).. hahaha.. Tapi yah, pinginnya sih menikmati Paris kayak di film Midnight in Paris ato Almost Sunset itu loch. Yang remang2, romantis, berduaan aja.. 😀

  6. Ola, Bhella!
    Bhel, gw nulis kota paling spesial buat gw aja yak. Mungkin buat orang2 kebanyakan kota ini bukan kota yang spesial. Biasa aja. Nggak eksotis, nggak romantis. Hehe.

    Kota itu adalah Batusangkar. Terletak di Sumatra Barat.
    Suka liat gambar2 rumah gadang yang megah banget di internet? Nah, rumah gadang itu adalah Istana Pagaruyung. Kebanggaannya orang Minang, seperti halnya Jam Gadang. (pssst, baru2 ini bahkan Istana Pagaruyung ini masuk 9gag loh! *gapenting*)
    Nah, Istana Pagaruyung itu letaknya di Batusangkar. Batusangkar si Kota Budaya. Banyak prasasti2 peninggalan sejarah deh disini ini. Nggak ada yang namanya “mall” dan tempat hiburan ala kota modern disini. Kotanya bebas polusi, penduduknya nggak terlalu padat, udaranya juga sejuk.

    Seumur-umur, sejujurnya gw baru 2 kali ke Batusangkar. Yang pertama cuma buat buka bersama, nah yang kedua ke Istana Pagaruyung. Dan seriously, istana itu gedeeeeeee banget dan megah banget. Di belakangnya ada Gunung Bungsu. Kebayang? Area yang luas, udara segar, ada sebuah istana megah berupa rumah gadang yang asli budaya Indonesia, dan backgroundnya adalah sebuah gunung. Dan ada gw disana lagi nari piring. *merusak suasana, hahaha*

    Oke, oke. itu sih deskripsi tentang Istana pagaruyungnya ya. Trus apa lagi alasan gw pilih kota ini? Siap2 mual ya, karna ini sesi curhat ABG. *ga nyadar umur *
    Nah. Mari mulai.
    Semua orang pasti pernah jatuh cinta. *tsah*
    Dan jatuh cinta itu, selalu ada yang pertama. Kadang ada cinta pertama yang berbalas, ada yang nggak berbalas, ada juga yang sengaja dipendam dalam diam, cuma bisa melihat dari jauh. Dalam kasus gw, yang terjadi adalah kasus ketiga. Dipendam dalam diam. Dan si cinta pertama yang dipendam bertahun2 ini kebetulan adalah orang Batusangkar. *yiiihaaa*
    Jadi selalu ada sensasi “dagdigdugserrrr” tiap denger nama Batusangkar. Haha.

    Oke, singkat cerita, 5 tahun lalu gw akhirnya menemukan ganti si cinta pertama ini. Someone special, like you said. *ciecieee*.
    Nah, yang menarik adalaaaaah *bunyi drum dong bunyi drum*
    Dia. Juga. Orang. Batusangkar.
    Dan sesungguhnya, sobat kental gw jg orang Batusangkar. Ada apa dengan gw dan Batusangkar? Entah knapa selalu ada benang merah antara diriku dan dirinya, si Kota Batusangkar ini. Asumsi gw sih, sbenarnya di kehidupan yang lalu gw adalah Putri Pagaruyung yang hilang. *minta ditabok*

    So, Batusangkar adalah tempat yang spesial buat gw.
    Gw gabisa bilang “someday, i want to go to this city with my special one”.
    Gw cm bisa bilang, “insyaAllah, soon, my special one will take me to this city”.
    Kota ini adalah kota yang (insyaAllah) bakal ngambil gw jadi mantu :3 (tp blm fix tanggalnya karna gw skrg jg masih harus menjalani kontrak sebagai TKW, huhuhuh T_T)
    Kota ini adalah kota yang punya banyak cerita tentang nenek moyang Minangkabau, dan bakal jadi kota yang punya banyak cerita juga untuk anak cucu gw nanti. InsyaAllah.
    *aih, maap jadi panjang Bhel. Ga kerasa udah segini, hahaha… jadi kayak sesi curhat di rubrik Oh Mama, Oh Papa~
    **ok, i’m outta here :p

    • ga, tanggung jawab! aku jadi kepo2in batusangkar. penasaran. to be honest, ini pertama kalinya aku denger nama “batusangkar”. and what a coincidence you have. aku doain kamu beneran jadi mantu orang batusangkar trus bs menikmati batusangkar sama si someone special itu. you are indeed lucky, sama2 sumatra barat ga.

      btw cr mencapai batusangkar klo dr padang hrs by kendaraan pribadi kah? *beneran deh ega bkn aku pgn kesana hahahaa*

      • Batusangkarnya sendiri lebih cenderung ke kota budaya bhel… disana nggak rame, dan masih banyak rumah gadangnya (di era modern kyk gini, disana masih banyak keluarga yg rumahnya itu ya berupa rumah gadang), dan emang julukan dia sih itu, Kota Budaya… Tapi gw beneran takjub sama Istana Pagaruyungnya 😉 Dan kalo suka tempat2 sejarah, ya itu…banyak prasasti2 disini 🙂
        Kalo mau jalan2 ke sum-bar buat berwisata ria, ada Bukittinggi~si Kota Wisata. Jam gadang, ngarai sianok, macem2. Biasanya bule kalo dateng senengnya ke bukittinggi ini :p

        Oh iya, di Batusangkar, lo bisa minum “kopi kawa” di warung2 pinggir jalan (atau pinggir sawah,haha), itu minuman asli sana… Kopi, tapi bukan dari biji kopi…melainkan dari daunnya. Diminum pake tempurung kelapa… dan ditemani pisang goreng hangat. Yummy! Rasa kopinya membingungkan….pengen dibilang kopi, tapi nggak kental…dibilang teh, tapi rasa kopi…wahahahaha…

        Bisa kok Bhel pake kendaraan umum dari padang… sekitar 2-3 jam lah dari padang…bisa naik travel atau minibus. Tapi, pas di batusangkarnya yang bingung… ga ada kendaraan umum macem angkot dll… paling kmana2 musti naik ojek… wkwkwk

        Huaaa amiiin makasi doanya bhel. Doakan secepatnya ya, wkwkwk… Ntar kalo lo blm sempet ke Batusangkar dan ternyata gw duluan yg nongkrong jadi orang sana, let me know if you need a guide/ride/a place to take a nap. Will be proud to take a pic with you & Ms. OMG in front of the palace 😉

    • Egaaaa, congrats!!! ur story is my most favorite!!! u got that prague postcard. Ega, aku minta alamat yaaaah 😉 mesej via fb, maybe?

      sorry for taking so long, baru balik jalan2 hahaha.

  7. waahh, pengen banget post cardnya. Salam kenal ya 🙂
    tapi aku nggak pernah ke sana, jadi cerita apa donk.. hiks ;(

      • Sebenernya aku bukan orang yang sering banget jalan-jalan walaupun ngaku passionnya travelling *hihi Tapi di antara semua tempat yang pernah aku datengi dan seandainya nanti ada kesempatan buat balik lagi, aku akan milih Bromo. But why? Jadi akhir tahun 2012 lalu aku ikut rombongan temennya temenku- halah rempong nih bahasanya- trip ke Bromo. Emang sih ada beberapa yang ku kenal tapi nggak akrab jadi agak kikuk kalo ngobrol bareng mereka.
        Awalnya sih ngerasa biasa aja tapi kok lama-lama jadi garing sendiri ya *kebayang dong gimana suasananya. Pas lagi menghayati alias bengong mengagumi pemandangan malam di Bromo dalam perjalanan menuju Penanjakan buat lihat sunrise, aku jadi ngerasa sedih sendiri. Mau nggak mau aku jadi keinget adikku yang doyan banget travelling. “Dia pasti seneng nih kalo diajakin ke sini, suasananya pasti jadi beda banget,” pikirku waktu itu. Apalagi pas nyampe’ penanjakan, tambah galau ngeliat orang-orang yang dateng bareng keluarga, pasangan, sahabat pokoknya kelihatan hangat di tengah subuh yang dingin *jadi iri seiri-irinya 😦
        Mulai memasuki kawasan savana kandidat orang yang bakal aku ajakin ke Bromo langsung berubah drastis. Langsung terbayang someone-who-was-created-by-God-only-for-me a.k.a o-o-siapa-dia *kedip kedip Tahu donk di sana kek giman, feelnya pas banget buat foto wedding atau lari-larian ala film India, hihihi *eh, namanya kan bukit teletubbies, lari-larian ala Tinky Winky, Dipsy, Lala dan Po ding 😉
        Keinginan untuk berjalan beriringan bergandengan tangan dengan sang jodoh *beuh, kpn??? semakin besar waktu aku agak kesulitan melewati padang pasir di sekitar kawah Bromo. “Harusnya ada tangan laki-laki nih yang bisa digenggam,” ah, liar juga pikiranku kala itu 😀 Malah makin menjadi-jadi waktu nyampe’ di bibir kawah. Ngeliat orang-orang pada foto bareng pasangan bawaannya mupeng *efek jomblo 😀 nih lutut juga gemeteran gugup sama ketinggian, tuh kan kalo ada someone yang menemani aku yakin fobia ketinggianku akan sedikit berkurang *hipotesis 😉
        Saban hari aku diajakin temen ke Bromo tapi aku nolak, alasan ke dianya sih males karena udah pernah pergi sebelumnya. Padahal alasan sebenernya gegara waktu itu pernah niatin pengin ke Bromo lagi kalo sama pasangan *eaaa 😀 Sunrise di Penanjakan, jalan-jalan di savana dan pasir berbisik, jalanan yang berkabut, pemandangan kawasan Bromo emang lebih so sweet kalo dinikmati bareng pasangan ditambah suhunya yang dingin *ehem 😛
        Eh, sorry kepanjangan ya, hehe..
        mbak pernah ke Bromo nggak??

      • nahlhoo suhu dingin kenapa fir? hahahahaha xDDDD
        pernah. baru sekali pas liburan summer kemarin. awalny mikir , “ah dinginnya bromo msh kalah sm winter eropa.” tyta memang aku sok tahu bangeeet.

        parah dinginnyaaa~

        yg dsayangkan spot lihat sunrisenya ramai banget yah. bhkan saling rebuta tempat. tp memang viewny subhanallah banget :”>

  8. hohohohoo, apa ya apa :p

    oya? lebih dingin dari Eropa? ckckck…

    yup, saking ramenya sempet sebel sama ibu2 yg berdiri paling depen. Aku mbatin nih ibu knp nggak duduk aja, kitanya yg di belakang rada sewot nggak bisa leluasa liat sunrise 😦

  9. wah! aku dari dulu pengen ke solo, pengen wisata kuliner. mau nyobain timlo, sate kere, selat solo, serabi, nasi liwet, aaaak! *ngiler* hahaha iya kaaak! ah kota-2 di jawa tengah keren ya. suasananya suka bikin kangen pengen balik lagi…..

  10. Hi Bella. Salam kenal dulu. Aku Angella. Sekarang lagi euro trip. Mau tanya nih sama Bella. Kalau Bella jalan2 gitu gimana sih tips nyari makan? Ga mesti nyari restoran halal ya? Share yaaa…

    • Hallooo angella. salam kenal 😉
      wah asik, skrg lg di negara mana euro trip-nya? Kalau aku selama ini soal nyari makan prinsipnya satu: makanan khas & ga babi 😀

      untuk rekomendasi tempat makannya biasanya sebelum brgkt ke kota itu, aku tanya rekomen dr temen yg pernah kesitu/stay dstu, atau bahkan googling blog traveling. langkah terakhir baru cr rekomendasi dr trip advisor :p

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