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Call Me a Proud Sister


I was in the middle of a class when my father sent me messages through WhatsApp. I managed to open those messages after I scrolled my Facebook news feed when class had finished and I read that my brother wrote “XL Future Leaders 2” on his status. I knew that he had passed some selection phases of XL Future Leaders 2, but did he make it ’til the final selection phase? My father was delightfully happy informing me that my brother got accepted in XL Future Leaders 2 programme. Suddenly, I got excited! I was and am a proud sister! Yay!

Me & Iwan in the past

Me & Iwan in the past

Me & Iwan

Me & Iwan @ Bromo Mountain, August 2013

This brother of mine, Iwan, that I knew was super shy. My mom was always be the first person who introduce him to his new friends every new school year. He was also very fat and that made him shy. In my ITB (Institut Teknologi Bandung)-minded family, he had this pressure to pass ITB entrance exam through UM (Ujian Mandiri) and SNMPTN because both my father & I are ITB alumni. I remember that I helped him preparing documents for registration. Unfortunately, he didn’t pass those ITB entrance exams.  Iwan didn’t show that he was indeed down when he got rejected and to be honest, as a sister, I was worried when he didn’t get accepted to ITB. But I though maybe that’s the best thing for him and maybe Allah chose that way for him. and yes, He was right. Everything happens for a reason.

Instead of ITB, he got accepted in Diponegoro University (Undip), a public university in Semarang, Central Java.

I cannot spend many times with Iwan because I had been living in Bandung and now in Porto. What surprised me is: Iwan has changed! Iwan the shy boy turns to Iwan the very active and sociable boy. He is very active in some organisations in Undip (even being a chairman!), he has many many friends and makes friends everywhere, his GPA is higher than mine, and he got a scholarship from Djarum. My family was pretty much surprised with his changes. He has changed in a good way and we are more proud of him. My dad, who used to be very disappointed that Iwan couldn’t manage to ITB, now is bragging a lot about Iwan. and my mom, who used to be very worried about Iwan’s health because he has an asthma, is now supporting his basketball, mountain-hiking, and motor trail activities. My sister and little brother, who used to joke about Iwan’s shyness, is now pretty much amazed of what has happened to Iwan and don’t even dare to joke about that again, LOL. My brother who was afraid of speaking in public is now addicted to those “leadership training” activities and he speaks better than me in public!





Seeing these changes makes my heart wants to explode in happiness and proudness. I learned a lot from Iwan. He has shown me how to be a better person in society and how to not give up after getting rejected many times and keep moving in pace when people look down on him.

Keep moving and improving, brother! See you on top!


Your sister. Love you.

PS. Photos were taken from Iwan’s Facebook, either uploaded by him or his friends. 

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