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You are Getting Older, Ms. Andarini!

Tyas & I, August 2013

Tyas & I, August 2013

If I have two sisters, the other one will be Tyas. Tyas had been my roommate for 5 years and counting, haha! Why did I say “counting”? Because even after I moved to another part of the world, I still stayed at her place when I visited Jakarta last summer. Look how inseparable we are!

There are too many stories with her, from our silly stories until girl-fighting stories. We have it all. But no matter what we’ve been through, we are inseparable.

@ Tyas' Graduation Day with Uni

@ Tyas’ Graduation Day with Uni

I knew Tyas since senior high school, but we got closer after we were placed in the same class on the third year. I found my partner in crime at class! We were two “lazy” girls who always came very very late to morning classes. I still remember how either Tyas or I called each other’s name loudly to hurry because school bell had rung! *our high school was a boarding school, fyi* I am good in things related with numbers and Tyas is good in things related with memorising and lots of text. So, she taught me those subjects and vice versa, I taught her Math. Every night before history exam, she did a storytelling for me until I felt asleep. *sorry, Tyaaaas :p

Tyas' Signature Photo Expression

Tyas’ Signature Photo Expression. Photo is courtesy of Tyas’ friend, taken from her Facebook.

Hello Kitty freak

Hello Kitty freak. Photo is courtesy of Bilqis.

As previously written here, we got accepted in the same university and we started becoming roommates. Me the super messy girl and Tyas the super tidy girl living in the same room? Even though our room was super big, it was indeed challenging! I made things like a mess and Tyas always tidied them. I forgot where did I put my stuffs and Tyas always reminded me where those stuffs were. Although we were getting busier and busier, we always had these before-bedtime girl talks. Tyas always say that my future husband should pass her selection criteria and she will train him to live with me, LOL.

Tyas’ family is my second family. Everytime I visited Tyas’ house, Tante Ratih (Tyas’ mom) cooked my favourite food. I often gossip chat with Tante Ratih also. Tyas’ brothers are like my own brothers. and not to mention, Tyas’ father & grandparents treat me like I am part of their family.

Tyas, Ilman (Tyas' Brother), & I, 2011

Tyas, Ilman (Tyas’ Brother), & I, 2011

Behind her tidiness and all-organised habit, Tyas is a silly girl. On her bday last year, suddenly she had this “small” accident that made her spent her bday at a hospital. and yesterday, on her 24th bday (again), she fell off from the stairs. I won’t laugh for that because everytime I laughed on Tyas’ unlucky things, I got a karma afterward :p

Tyas' Last Year Bday and "Tragedy"

Tyas’ Last Year Bday and “Tragedy”. Photo is courtesy of Bilqis.

Tyas is a travel junkie. She works hard to save money for traveling. She’ll meet the beautiful snow this winter! I think she has traveled around Indonesia more than me. Told ya! She is crazy about traveling. I haven’t had any outside-Java travel experience with her and we are now planning to have many next year after my return to Indonesia. We surely will have many, Tyas. I can hardly wait. OMG!!!

Happy Bday, Tyas!!!

Happy Bday, Tyas!!! Photo is courtesy of Bilqis.

Yesterday was a special day. It was Tyas’ 24th bday. The day when she fell off from the stairs. The day when age becomes “just a number”. The day when she got a bday surprise from her teacher. The day when I wish I was there to celebrate her bday with her and Icut Uni Bilqis. I have spent hours and hours to think of a “romantic” sentence to say for her bday and I ended up writing, “KAK LEKAS NIKAH SANA KAMU! (Yas, you should get married. Hurry hurry!) on her Facebook page, haha.

Happy birthday, Tyas. I always wish all the best for you. Travel more and more and more. and I hope you find the right man to spend the days forever with you. Get your Master, then get your Mister.

I miss you, Tyas.

12 thoughts on “You are Getting Older, Ms. Andarini!

      • Maklum urang Sunda asli teteh mah…
        Suka becanda sama sobat di Bandung
        “Aduuh punteen ngobrolnya pake bhs Sunda aja atau Jermaaan.. Kurang tiasa bhs Indo” langsung tetehnya dilemparin temen2 tuh hehehe

        Uuh kangen bangeut.. Agenda kedua setelah sama keluarga ya sama sobat-sobat teteh, termasuk sahabat2/saudara2 baru disini 😊

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