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Cooking Experiment: Zuppppeeer Spicy Bacalhau

Zupper Spicy Bacalhau

Zupper Spicy Bacalhau

Two cooking posts in a row. WOHOOOO! Yeah yeah, I know I know. Cooking and Nabila don’t match each other, but I want to show off: instead of shopping to relieve stress, cooking is my new way of stress therapy! Forget how does my cook look like, it tastes beyond expectation.

Quoted from here,

Bacalhau is the Portuguese word for codfish, but this word almost always refers to dried and salted cod, salt cod for short, since fresh cod is rarely consumed in Portugal.

My friends told me that Portuguese has more than 100 recipes of bacalhau and usually they cook bacalhau for Christmas. My most favourite bacalhau recipe is Bacalhau com Natas (I COOKED THAT BEFORE!! X) Check here.)

This spicy recipe of Bacalhau is basically Koko Steven’s experimental recipe. With his addiction to bacalhau and spices, he cooked this. Basically, for Indonesian, it may tastes like “balado“. My another Indonesian friend who studies in Porto, Ghufi, combined Bacalhau with Indonesian peanut sauce (as known as sambel pecel in Indonesian); and it tastes so strange. Not a good combination, I said :p But this Bacalhau balado was awfully delicious-o! Nice work, koko Steven!

Onion, Dried chili, and Massa de Pimenta

Onion, Dried chili, and Massa de Pimenta


  • Bacalhau
  • Onion
  • Garlic
  • Massa de Pimenta (I dunno the English translation for this. but literally, it is a pepper juice.)
  • Dried chchili (many many many Chili xD )
  • Vinegar
  • Sugar

Take Care of Bacalhau first

Bacalhau is a dried and salted codfish. So, yeah, it is indeed very very salty if you cook it directly. You need to put it into water for 2 days and change the water every 24h.


  1. Cut garlic, onion, and dried chili
  2. Heat olive oil on a pan
  3. Fry garlic, onion, and dried chili until they smell so good
  4. Put 3 spoons of massa de pimenta
  5. Add water as much as you like, but not that much until it becomes a soup
  6. Add vinegar and sugar
  7. Stir it
  8. When this broth already tasted like what it should be (spicy and a bit sweet and sour) based on your preference, put bacalhau inside then stir
  9. Turn off the fire when the broth gets dry
  10. VO VO VOOILAAA! Your super spicy bacalhau is ready.
Can you imagine the spicy taste? YUMMM :9

Can you imagine the spicy taste? YUMMM :9

Warning: As I told you before, this recipe is super spicy. The spiciness level is based on your preference, of course :p Because there is not any bacalhau in Indonesia, you can replace it with any kind of fish or seafood. Enjoy and feel the spicy goes into your tongue *v* yuuuummyyyy!!!


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