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How do You Spell the Magic, Switzerland?

Cold Shadow @ Thunsee

Cold Shadow @ Thunsee

It has been a week since I went back home from Basel, Switzerland, and it has been a hard week to move on from Mr. Alps’ handsomeness. I feel so grateful for having the best lenses that ever made: the eyes. Tho I captured so many pictures of Switzerland and its gorgeous Mr. Alps with my camera, pictures captured with my own eyes are way much much more beautiful. There were many moments where I just stared with my scattered thoughts and my imaginations randomly played on my mind; and enjoyed those sceneries in front of my eyes, not through my camera lenses.


I had been planning to go to Switzerland since Mbak Tutut, whom I knew from Backpacker Dunia, poked me on Facebook. I discussed my itinerary and Switzerland route with her and honestly, I was planning to go to Switzerland during my spring holiday. Later on, I canceled this plan and changed to Germany. Why? Because after I calculated all the expenses, it was cheaper to go to Germany (I went to Hamburg, Cologne, Frankfurt, Darmstadt, Rudesheim am Rhein, and Nuremberg for 10 days!)

Don’t know why…but this plan to visit Switzerland couldn’t go away from my mind. and it came true when my friend, Cili, talked about her plan to go to Switzerland this winter. Bang! It was decided then: Switzerland for our Christmas and NY holiday. WOHOOOO!!! x)

One problem in defining winter holiday trip itinerary was finding the time for it between our hectic deadlines! and exams, for suuure. We decided to buy Swiss Pass as suggested by Mbak Tutut and started crying of how expensive it was (just kidding, ok!). This Swiss Pass was worth it. We just hopped on and off trains, boats, and many other public transportations in Switzerland without thinking. Some lines were free and some were with 50% reduction (lines to those famous mountains, i.e Klein Matterhorn, Mt. Pilatus, and Jungfraujoch). and thanks to Swiss Pass, Cili and I impulsively took a round-trip train from Lucerne to Zurich just because we wanted to enjoy the biggest NYE party of Switzerland in Zurich :p

told ya! 😉

My Switzerland trip started in Geneva. It was raining A LOOOT! I brought two Ms. OMG!s and one was soaked. All shops were closed because of Christmas so I asked a tape from my hostel receptionist to fix Ms. OMG!. I should say that without the UN building, there was nothing so special about Geneva. The city itself was so small. Cili came earlier before me and she had explored it all so she guided me the day after. We were so surprised that public transportations were working tho it was Christmas holiday. We took boat trips on Lake Geneva and we felt like having a private boat because there were only two of us, haha. A driver of one of the boats we took gave us candies and chocolates for celebrating Christmas. This’s what I like about Christmas: everyone shares their happiness.

Geneva at Night

Geneva at Night

Actually, there were other boat trips from Geneva to other cities at the other side of Lake Geneva, such as Lausanne, Vevey, Evian (yes! it is Evian that famous water brand), and Montreux. Mas Krisna, whom I knew also from Backpacker Dunia, suggested us to go to Chillon Castle in Montreux. Unfortunately, those far-distance boats didn’t work during winter so we took a train to Montreux. Our theme on that day was: “Breakfast in Geneva, getting soaked by the rain in Montreux, seeing the snowy mountain in Vevey, and dinner in Lousanne.”

The Chateau de Chillon @ Montreux

The Chateau de Chillon @ Montreux

After living slash traveling for more than a year in Europe, I got bored of seeing human-made architectural buildings. Don’t get me wrong, they are indeed beautiful and furthermore, I cannot design and think as creative as those architects for those buildings. But I had been craving on seeing God-made sceneries. How lucky I was, Zermatt with its incredible Klein Matterhorn were the answers! We took a cable car and we couldn’t close our mouth while seeing how marvellous, beautiful, awesome (open Thesaurus and put other adjectives) it was!!! OMG! O meu Deus! Subhanallah!

Pak, Bu, kulo mrisani gunung sing ning logo cokelat Toblerone langsung! Niku gunung’e apik, Pak, Bu! (in Javanese. English translation: Daddy, Mommy, I am seeing a mountain of the Toblerone logo by myself! That mountain is beautiful.)

OMG! the Gorgeous Mr. Klein Matterhorn

OMG! the Gorgeous Mr. Klein Matterhorn

(PS. Super spoiler: I will write a special post dedicated to Mr. Matterhorn and how you can go meeting him.)

Cities in Switzerland were small, imho. My host in Basel told me that Zurich is the biggest city. Even we explored Bern, its capital city, in less than 6 hours. WOW! I totally recommend Switzerland to be on your Euro Trip list. My favourite stops during this trip are:

1. Zermatt and Klein Matterhorn.

Did I say it twice? I think I already mentioned it before, didn’t I? Yeah yeah, the most handsome has to be mentioned more than once~

2. Thun.

Many reasons for putting Thun on this list. Firstly, of course for our awesome host: Mbak Tutut and Mas Adrian, who welcomed us warmly, pampered us with their hospitality, showed us around, and gave many many many cool suggestions for our messy itinerary. Secondly, Mbak Tutut brought us to my favourite corner in Thun where I saw those Alpine mountains with Thunsee (Lake Thun)–also as pictured on the first picture with my shadow.

How could you resist those beauties in front of your eyes??? I couldn’t. Just couldn’t.

This Small Girl was Trying to Capture the Handsomeness of Mr. Alps

This Small Girl was Trying to Capture the Handsomeness of Mr. Alps

Lucerne-Vitznau Boat Trip

Beatenbucht-Interlaken Boat Trip

3. Lucerne

Lucerne is located in the middle of Switzerland. Well, not exactly in the middle when you see on the map, but its location is puurfect! There are two most famous mountains nearby: Mountain Pilatus and Mountain Rigi. We chose Mountain Rigi instead of Pilatus because we wanted the Swiss Pass free lines. We took a boat from Lucerne to Vitznau. OMG! again and again and again, I couldn’t close my eyes. My hands and feet were trembling because it was zupper cold outside the boat. I was amazed.

Mirror Mirror on the Lake @ Lake Lucerne

Mirror Mirror on the Lake @ Lake Lucerne

Kids Were Playing Around on the Boat

Kids Were Playing Around on the Boat

After arriving in Vitznau, we took an old train to the top of Mountain Rigi. This train took us to see Lake Lucerne with Mr. Alps from the top in asymmetrical point of view. Subhanallah.

The view from the old train

The view from the old train

Besides its breathtaking sceneries, I put Switzerland as one of my fav destinations because of its safety. This country was indeed very safe when I was there. I saw people put their bags unaccompanied and no one stole those bags. and myself, as you might already know, is indeed a messy girl, felt super safe whilst wandering around without closing my bag. There was a moment where I put my phone on my jacket pocket and almost fell out, and yes, no one stole it. Thanks God!!!

Oh dear, Switzerland, see you in other season. Summer, maybe? or spring? or fall? I will come again to meet you, Mr. Alps! and by the way, does anyone know the answer for that question: How do you spell the magic, Switzerland?

Sweet dream! and beijinhos,

23 thoughts on “How do You Spell the Magic, Switzerland?

  1. Indeed we need something new.

    “After living slash traveling for more than a year in Europe, I got bored of seeing human-made architectural buildings.: << HAHA! Yeah, exactly, Bhella.. I've been in Europe for only a few months and traveled not as much as you but I already feel bored with buildings. :p

    That's why I think traveling in Indonesia never feels this way because it has various objects from beach to mountains, from city sightseeing to cultural experience. Not to mention its culinary richness. I love Indonesia!! *jadi OOT*

    Btw seru yaaa ke Swiss. How much is the Swiss Pass? (converted to euro) *penasaran tapi males googling*

    • Haii sasa,
      Wah terima kasih ya atas masukannya. Beneran salah kaprah aku selama ini. Bahkan intonasi pengucapan kedua kata tersebut juga kebalik x)

      Iyaaaaah, keren sekali swiss ini. Masya Allah 🙂 tapi alam di negeri kita pun juga ga kalah keren hihi

  2. Hi Bella. I couldn’t agree more that geneva is nothing without the nations building and the broken chair hehe. Saya agak2 nyesel meluangkan 2 hari disana (krn udah terlanjur nge-book hostel buat 2 hari)

    Kok ga ke Interlaken, Wengen, Kleine Scheideg, Grindelwald, Murren, Brienz and Brienzersee? Bagus banget juga lho disana. Menurut saya pribadi sih Brienzersee lebih bagus daripada Thunsee.

    Setuju banget sama kamu, Swiss indah sekali alamnya. Keep posting yaaa.


    • Haii Angela. Terima kasih sudah mampir x)

      Aku ke interlaken & grindewald. Wengen ga kesana soalny beda jalur kereta & ga sempet hiiiksss. Waah noted! Next time aku akan ke Brienzersee. Yaampun bener2 jatuh cinta sm Swiss yaaaah. Tp gajatuh cinta sm hrga2-nya hahaha

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