OMG! I am Eating the Authentic Kebap in Turkey


Yes yes, there are so many kebap restaurants in the world. But my Turkish friend said that that is not kebap, that is doner.

OMG! Finallyyyy, i am eating the authentic one and almost crying of how good its meat tastes. So, kebap is a minced meat baked with spicy ingredients and eaten with chives, tomatoes, and a bread called Pide (pide looks like Indian Naan bread, but its’t not). We add our additional “spices” like pepper, salt, spicy, etc then we wrap the pide &meat to eat kebap.

For a drink, the good match for kebap is a drink called ayran. It’s a white yoghurt mixed with water and salt. And at the end, for “sobremesa”, of course, the delightful Turkish tea.

Kiss from Istanbul,


11 thoughts on “OMG! I am Eating the Authentic Kebap in Turkey

    • Thaaank you mister chef. Kalo mas dedy nyobain langsung pasti langsung dicoba masaknya deh x)

      “Authentic”! I guess that adjective suits this more than “real”, mas. Thanks for the correction 😉

  1. Wow, looking at your posts, I’m really eager how is your schedule looks like 😀
    Somehow I feel like i’ve been doing nothing haha..
    anyway is it good, the kebab?

    • My school schedule, val? Kind of a daily routine of leaving my house early morning, studying at the faculty, meeting friends, teaching, etc until coming back home at night :p

      I bet u have done many. Or maybe u can visit me here in Porto to put it on ur traveling list x)

      Omg! The authentic one made me speechless. I dont know where can I find one with similar taste in europe or indonesia :(((((((((((

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