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Nabila X Tyas: #NYC

Nabila X Tyas: #NYC

Photo was taken by Tyas Andarini.

Wohoooooo!!! I am proudly introducing:

The collaboration between two best friends who share similar passion in traveling.

Nabila X Tyas: #NYC

@tyasandarini will share her experiences in the city that never sleeps, some tips and tricks on how to stay budget-friendly while staying in this fashionista-favorite city, and of course, fabulous photos of NYC.#TheUnitedStates

and the most awesome thing is those posts will be published at this blog! x)

Some similarities between Nabila X Tyas:

  1. Both had been involved in many journalistic activities during senior high school and while they were studying in ITB (Bandung Institute of Technology).
  2. Both work hard, save money, but at the end, spend most of their money for traveling :p
  3. Each of both mother has been asking them to settle down their life: get a boyfriend then get married. but both are busy studying , doing projects, and of course, traveling.
  4. But, if one of them gets proposed first, the other one will start getting panic.
  5. Both love photography.
  6. Both are very random.

It seems like both have many similarities. In fact, they have completely different personalities. Nabila the messy one and Tyas the tidy one. (Complete story in here). and this Nabila X Tyas: #NYC is just a beginning for their passion in traveling. Hope you enjoy! 😉


3 thoughts on “Nabila X Tyas: #NYC

    • terima kasih mba Fe. kali ini masih kolaborasi awal mbaa. jadi Tyas nulis cerita jalan2 dia. aku yang edit dan publish lewat blog aku. dan postingan pertamanya baruu sj aku publish :DDDDD

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