Jadi Bule di Negeri Bule Part IV: When the Sun Comes to Town

“Jadi Bule di Negeri Bule” means being a foreigner in the land of foreigners. Indonesians usually call a foreigner who comes to Indonesia as “bule”, it’s a slang word btw. You can read also “Jadi Bule di Negeri Bule Part I” here , Part II here, and Part III: Saturday in Oporto here


This winter in Porto was harder than last year’s. It rained almost everyday and was very windy. Broken umbrellas were everywhere (FYI, I bought 2 umbrellas in a week. OMG!). I bet some of my friends are bored already with hearing my complaints about winter. I love winter with the snow more than winter with rain. Snow is colder, but I won’t get drenched. and I would be able to take out of my camera. But with the rain? My eyes and lenses had been craving for pictures. I did a photo hunting last weekend but it was awfully raining. *OK Nabila, stop complaining! Sun has arrived now.

After coming back from the “rainy’s” carnival, I checked on Porto’s forecast for the following week and suddenly I jumped in happiness. The following week will be sunny. It means spring is coming to town and winter will soon pack his stuff. My friends & I started planning for our next holiday trip. WE WERE UBER EXCITED! x) and then I impulsively I decided to pamper my eyes and lenses. I just couldn’t resist seeing the sun passed through the window.


I took my camera and sunglasses on then I decided to walk randomly from my house to the downtown. What do I love about the sun in Europe? People are smiling everywhere. They are going out, their face gets brightened, they talks very loud and happily, and lovey-dovey couple are everywhere. After living in four-season country, I realise that people are more open and bright when the sun shines.

As I walked randomly in the city, I found some city parks I haven’t been there before. I love how the government keeps the city parks. They don’t use those spaces to build commercial buildings! People were laying down while reading a book or just chitchatting with their friends at the park. I could really feel the explosion of happiness in Porto. YEAAAAAAAAY!!! Sunshine also means upcoming awesome events and local markets for several months ahead. I am looking forward to attending and capturing unforgettable moments in the city I fall in love with.



Because of winter, I feel so grateful for the sun. Sunshine seems like a gift from Allah. Sometimes we just realise how precious is the thing we have when we lose it, doesn’t we? I have sunshine everyday in Indonesia. It is incredibly hot and pollutions worsen it. So, I used to hate the sun. But now whenever I open my weather app on iPhone, I always wish for the sun icon to pop up.

Back to the 60s

Enjoying the sun last Saturday: Back to the 60s


Please stay longer, Mr. Sun. Gotta use your presence to the fullest and will do photo hunting and fun-o-graphy for my fashion obsession :p



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