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Our Love Letter to Bilqis

Have you ever experienced this excitement when your bestfriend, whom you have known for years, is finally being someone’s wife? Today I have experienced this kind of excitement for the second time. One of my bestfriend, Bilqis, was getting married today. SHE IS NOW SOMEONE’S WIFE. I was like, “OMG! I have been following all of her story. I know all her ups and downs. I know her love stories. and now, she has settled down. She has chosen a man to spend the rest of her life with.” It was just…breathtaking!

Bilqis, whom I have known since senior high school.

Bilqis, who always be the one I can rely on every time I have problem.

Bilqis, who already had a list of her wedding songs since high school.

Bilqis, who we love with all of our heart. Deeply in love.

Bilqis is the second one in line who got married among the five of us. Which means that now there are these three girls who just started thinking to slow down their travel and ambition, haha! :p and because we are so in love with you, we have a love letter for you, Bils.

When we first talked to each other 
I know we would always be friends
Our friendship will keep growing
And we’ll be here for you to the end

You’ll listen when i have problem
You’ll help dry the tears from my face
You’ll take away my sorrow
And put happiness in its place

We cant forget the fun we’ve had
Laughing ’till our faces turn red
Talking of things only we would find funny
And live in circle of karma which we believed
People think we’re insane – If they only knew!

A bestfriend is someone who knows all about you and still loves you 🙂
We guess this is our way of saying thanks for being such a very very bestfriend
We love you, Bilqis!!
And happy wedding day, we hope Eja will always give the best for you

With hearts full of love,
Bhella. Icut. Intan. Tyas

2 thoughts on “Our Love Letter to Bilqis

  1. Aww.. sweet. Thank you berry berry much, dear. I love you. The best quote is:
    “And live in circle of karma which we believed”

    So damn true!

    Hope my lovely girls (re: you, icut, tyas) soon will get the karma (re: wedding) too :* :* :*

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