OMG! Have a Taste of Seville @ Heladería La Fiorentina

With the talented Sr. Joaquín Liria

With the talented Sr. Joaquín Liria


It has been quite a long time I didn’t post about culinary places and jrengjrengjreeeng… with lots of pleasure, I want to introduce you to my most favourite ice cream cafe in Europe (so far!), Heladería La Fiorentina! I knew this place after I did a quick google before my trip to Seville, Spain. Looking for cool places to taste locals’ foods is indeed my must-do activity for every travel.

I considered myself lucky to find this place. At that time, I was traveling solo on my first day in Seville because Martha hadn’t arrived yet. When I looked on the address of this heladería, I was like…OMG! where was it?! I didn’t have any idea and my legs were cramped because I walked a lot. The street itself wasn’t a tourist destination although it was still inside the old town. If you ask tourist information there, they won’t recommend you to go to that street.

Nyaaaaaam :9

Nyaaaaaam :9

I arrived there and in less than one second, I was mesmerised by the colourful ice cream choices in front of my eyes. Sr. Joaquin Liria, the owner and creator, greeted me warmly. Of course, I looked so “tourist who comes out of nowhere” because of my Indonesian look (not to mention, my watering mouth, haha!). When he asked me which flavours I would like to have, I tried to read what were being recommended on Lonely Planet: “springtime’s crema de flor de azahar (cream of orange blossom), dulce de romero (rosemary), plus the favourite dulce de palmera for Holy Week. There is even one that tastes of sherry – Manzanilla de Sanlúcar de Barrameda” — I tried to read the Spanish name with my Javanese accent and thanks God, he understood x)

I visited the Heladería two times in a row. For my first visit, Sr. Joaquin recommended the combination of crema de flor de azahar and orange cookies for me. Then on my second visit, he recommended the favourite dulce de palmera (I came during the Holy Week so I was lucky!).


Crema de flor de azahar and orange cookies

How about the taste? OMG! I wanted to cry. The ice cream tasted so so so GOOD! T_T I couldn’t stop licking my ice cream and just realised I hadn’t taken any picture of the ice cream after my N-th lick (that’s why you see my ice cream was not in a good shape on the picture above :p).

The Price

The Price


The cozy cafe

The cozy cafe

Compared to ice cream cafes near the Cathedral, prices in La Fiorentina are cheaper and reasonable for its taste. The place were also very cozy where you can choose a seat indoor or outdoor to enjoy more of the sun. Martha was also so lucky because the La Fiorentina was opened on Sunday. and yet again, on our next cities, we tended to compare their ice cream to La Fiorentina’s, haha. The result: No one beat La Fiorentina!

The Address

The Address

If you have any chance to visit Seville, don’t forget to taste the magnificent ice cream of the city’s scents @ La Fiorentina, Calle Zaragoza No. 16. Hopefully, Sr. Joaquin will be there when you are coming. He always welcome the guests with his warm smile 🙂 or take a look on their website here and Facebook page here before having zillion licks on its ice cream.




22 thoughts on “OMG! Have a Taste of Seville @ Heladería La Fiorentina

  1. Aaaawwwww.. You’ve made me drooling in this early morning… I will be there somedayyy… Thanks for the temptation.. Hehehehe

    Salam kenal yaaaaa.. 🙂

    • Amiin! I wish u will be there in the future 😉
      Hahahaha u r welcome! A sweet temptation, right?

      Salam kenal jugaaaa 😉 terima kasih sudah mampir ke blog akuuu

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