Halló from the North

Halló! How have you been doing? Sorry for not updating my blog post in few weeks.
Just want to keep you updated, I am now in the north part of the earth. As my friend calls her country:

the island of lava, fire, and ice!
My trip so far has been so awesome! The country itself has picturesque sceneries. And I still cannot believe myself that i AM HERE.

I will give a postcard giveaway. Directly sent from Reykjavik, and only one postcard. So keep in touch 🙂

More pictures about my trip can be found on my Instagram.






19 thoughts on “Halló from the North

    • Haii fathia. Salam kenal juga. Terima kasih sudah mampir 😉 aku akan mampir jg ke blog kamu. Insya Allah stlah aq balik dr iceland yaa. Dsni cm konek inetny jarang2 hihi.

      Sippp. Stay tuned yah. Nnti aq akan post postcard giveaway-nya

    • Terima kasih mb yoyeeen x) insya Allah nanti sepulang dr sini akan ada special post ttg iceland trip. Dan tentu saja more pictures. Foto2-ny msh format raw d memory card hihi

  1. Salah satu manusia yg menginspirasi ke eropa. Kak bhello. Diam2 stalking twitwternya instagram nya krna malu2. Kakak saya sangat suka kakak.foto2 kakak.prestasi kakak.sifat kakk yg supel. Doakan saya supaya bsa mngijuti jejak kakak:”) amiin

    • Haii dins!

      OMG! That is a very sweet sentence of yours :”) really thaanks! I am terribly happy to hear that & I wish u all the best and for ur dream to Europe. Keep it up! Saluut sm kamu yg pnya mimpi tinggi. Kamu psti bs lbh baik dr aku B)

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