[Postcard Giveaway] OMG! Postcard from Iceland.


Hall贸! As promised, I have two postcards from Iceland and I will be happy to send them to you. All you have to do is:

Imagine you have seven days in Iceland and you have spent 3 days in Reykjavik, the capital. But then you need to choose either North or South Iceland. What u have to do is: plan your itinerary how will u spend those 4 days. Put at the minimum 3 places you want to visit (natural places, not a city) and tell me why u choose those places.
I dont want to hear reason like “beautiful place”, but tell me more 馃檪 put it on geo-scientist’s perspective will be a plus. (I am not a geo-scientist, but learning about the earth is interesting!). It’s subjective review from me :p
For reference, u can also check on my Instagram. I update it daily during my trip.

Be creative and imaginative & I’ll wait for your answer until Saturday 11 pm Reykjavik time. Pls answer here 馃檪

See you and kisses from iceland


8 thoughts on “[Postcard Giveaway] OMG! Postcard from Iceland.

  1. If I were in Iceland, there are only two places that I want to visit:
    This mountain Eyjafjallaj枚kull (, because its huge eruption ( in 2010, made Barcelona went to Milan, by bus, and Inter Milan was be able to defeat that Barca (with amazing players).
    The second one, if possible, I want to watch FC Stjarnan ( plays. It’s a football club that has funny goal celebration (quite popular in Youtube, Moreover, it will face Inter Milan in Europe League play off. 馃檪 It will be good if I can watch their funny celebration goals.

    *I don’t believe you will visit those places, due to my special motivation :v

    • Hall贸 sunni! Quite interesting motivations abt soccer. For the mountain, if u are curious enough to hike, luckily there are many hiking tours for ur safety

      I went to the waterfall nearby (Skogafoss) & it is also a must visit. Sceneries of volcanoes are breathtaking for sure.
      For the football team, i didnt hear anything more when I was in Iceland hahaha. I guess ppl are more focused on the nature?;)
      And i am so sorry:( i only got 3 answers and selecting 2 out of 3 is harder than 1 out of 3. So i decided to have 1 winner 馃檪 thaaanks for participating. I hope ur wish do come true sunni

  2. In Iceland, place that you should visit is Vatnaj枚kull National Park. At there, you could find the 2nd largest glaciers that you could find in the world (after Arctic of course). And if you love hiking, you should try hike in this place because there are only a few place in the world that offer hiking experience in glacier (especially if you live in South East Asia, it would be a very expensive and hard to experience those thing).

    • Hall贸 from iceland, ades 馃檪
      That langjok眉ll glacier is superb! I was completely in awe and couldnt close my eyes when I was passing by. The road wasnt a paving road because it is in the highland. U need a 4-wheel car to go thru the highland.
      I didnt hike to the glacier bcz of course, it is challenging yet needs more preparation. As for me, i saw glacier for the 1st time in iceland. There is also a floating glacier lagoon namely Jok眉lsarlon in the southeast. Def a must 馃檪
      And thaaaanks for participating. Sadly I only got 3 answers and selecting 2 out of 3 is hard because I like all of ur answers! So i decided to have 1 winner. I hope u can visit iceland and ur wish comes true.

  3. thanks for the quiz, ms. OMG 馃槈
    just last night i saw your instagram post and those awesome and envious pictures ;D. then, it’s inspired me to check More about this island country.

    if i have 3 days left to visit natural places, then i will go to:
    1) The Blue Lagoon, the geothermal spa. i saw the picture in google maps. it’s very cool. when i heard lagoon, my imagination goes to One Piece, japanese pirates anime :D. but since it’s a geoyhermal spa, it must be a very unique lagoon.
    2) The Gullfoss waterfall. I saw the panoramic photo~video made by google maps, and it seems really awesome! it reminds me about an episode of “Noriko”, an anime about food hunter. in order to get the most delicious fish, he must passing a giant waterfall, similar to gullfoss :D. and you can imagine how difficult it is. another imagination is a electrical plantation with water energy. it must be more than enough the get the hydro electrical sources. but can’t imagine how to build such plantation XD.
    3) I read from the wiKi travel, that in the colder months, we can see stunning views of the Aurora Borealis! it must be awesome! but can’t imagine how cold it would be XD.
    4) If I’m visiting Iceland during the summer, i would Love to do Whale watching in Reykjavik or Husavik. killer whale!

    • Mba chiku, congraatz! I love ur answer the most鉂わ笍 thanks for participating.

      U have to check on dettifoss waterfall. It is the strongest one in Europe. I could feel the splash even from faraway. A raincoat is a must!

      Killer whale, of course! Bcz of the free willy movie, mb? U might like to check on Keiko& free willy story. I think it is sadder than hachiko 馃槮

      Mb, pls send me ur address to okiiii 馃檪

      • Waaa…. Alhamdulillah, so lovely :D! Thank you so much ya neng OMG. That’s so awesome. Thanks for inspiring me to check more about this place ;D. And I hope that someday I can go there and do my plan as I’ve mentioned above. InshaaAllah ;). Noted that neng, will send you an email. Sankyuuuu ^___^

    • Random nyari postingan blog sendiri, malah nyasar ke sini, eh kok baca komen ini.
      Ternyata jadi mbak Retno jadi temen ngaji istri, lalu 2019 kami (aku sama istri) sempet numpang nginep buat nunggu pesawat di rumah mbak Retno. Matur nuwun mbak Retno dan keluarga 馃檪

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