From Iceland to the O Town

This small girl is now back to a bustling capital. In which she found it so strange after spending almost two weeks in Iceland and all she had seen was nature.


I wrote that caption on my Instagram photo last night. Yes, yesterday finally

I left Iceland. I was quite sad. Honestly speaking, I felt very very sad.

My very first world problem after I stayed for a long time in a country and stayed with someone is…when it is time to say goodbye. That feeling when I get used to the country, the foods, the language I heard everyday, the locals, & their lifestyle.
And of course, my friend and her family. It is harder because I don’t know when will I meet them again.
Ok, i am getting a bit melancholy. It is the 2nd country after Turkey that I feel so sad of leaving. Icelanders are…awesome!

When I first stepped on my feet at Oslo Central Station yesterday, I was like…OMG! So many people!

I have been living my life in a (small) city whose population is higher than the whole Iceland population. I already known that I cannot live in the Indonesian capital. In short, I am a spoiled city girl.

…and then I still felt strange to be back in a bustling city.

As you might know, the population in Iceland is less than 400.000 people. More than a half live in Reykjavik and I still find that Reykjavik is the calmest capital I have ever been to. I found it calm (quite empty in some parts), and not so many ppl (except in the downtown, which mostly were tourists.) and I did enjoy it. I could walk around without worrying that someone might bump into me while walking. Or cars horning at me.
And fresh air! Ooohhh you will love breathing in Iceland.

So, that’s all I wanna say. I think I might consider looking for a job in a rural area, maybe?



18 thoughts on “From Iceland to the O Town

      • Thanks ya Bella, abis aku emang cinta banget sama nature nya Iceland! Pengen kesana banget, cuma selalu tergiur oleh negara2 mediterania..hahaha! soalnya kan disini dingin jd jatoh nya yaahh ke selatan lagiii..Ditunggu aja deh ya postingan selanjutnya πŸ™‚

      • I feel you mba. Temen2 aku semuanya pd mengernyit bgtu denger negara tujuan summer holiday aku hahaha. Krna memang di iceland, summer itu winter :p

        Sama2 mb. Siaaaap πŸ™‚

  1. I m not a big fan of Oslo deh, bisa jd krn itinerary nya Oslo itu di akhir trip setelah Fjords route yg super gilak cantiknya, jd nya Oslo biasa aja heheee

    Eh buruan pulang, uda denger berita Gunung Eyjafjallajâkull di Iceland katanya uda orange alert 😐

    • ahahaha bangeeet mb Feb. aku ngerasa habis menikmati alam super oke trus ke Oslo itu pilihan yaang…salah hahaha. oslo lsg berasa blank banget.

      sudah kembali ke Porto yang summernya agak nipu kalo malem bikin masuk angin. bbrpa hari sebelum balik dr Iceland ud waswas krna berita volcano ini ngehits banget.

  2. ketemu blog ini dan aku suka banget post jalan2nyaa hehe, anyway i knew that feeling too, it sucks when we have to say goodbye without even knowing when we will say hello again in the future 😦
    salam kenal juga anyway πŸ™‚

    • Hai Nerissa. Salam kenal πŸ™‚ mega thaaanks sudah mampir ke blog akuu.
      yesss, that feeling is terrible. But for now I am sure I will be able to meet them again. Pretty sure. Wish me luuuck πŸ˜‰

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