Olá! How’s Life Lately?


How’s life lately? All is well?
I just got back to my blogging life after several days being “grounded” to finish my thesis. and yeay! Finally it is done. For now. 8 days to go until my defence B) Wish me luuuuuuuck, everybooody!!!

I am not 100% relieved because I still have one more final step to do: the thesis defence. I haven’t made my presentation tho, haha :p these past days I had been enjoying my life here in Porto. Firstly, the Int’l office asked me to be a photographer for the outgoing Erasmus session at the rectorate office. Which was kinda cool because finally I went out of my room to meet (and talk to) soooo many people!!! Yeay!

photo 2 (1)

When I was there at the event, suddenly I realized that I am about to leave Porto. and this Erasmus Mundus experience. I ❤ Erasmus Mundus!!! A lot. Muito. It is such a big opportunity for this small girl (who had never been out of her country) to finally “see” the world. Whooops, not “see” but “feel” and “experience” how beautiful and colourful the world is.  My first objective was to study but I guess I get more than what I expected. This is more like… an opportunity to challenge myself!

Secondly, two days ago Zahra and Llawhar came from Spain. They are two new friends from Morocco I met when I was in Granada – Andalusia, Spain. Everything in Andalusia was full of coincidences, read the full story here. Few months ago Zahra sent me a postcard and she wrote “Insha Allah we will meet again!” and yes finally we met. It was full of surprise that they finally made it to Porto. Only the fact that I am now homeless so I hosted them at my friend’s place, haha!

Owhraaait, I have been a homeless girl since August. I decided not to rent a room because I spent most of my August in Iceland (and Norway). I allocated my rent money for Iceland. This experience of being a homeless is… fun! It is just like… I feel so blessed for having so many friends who welcome me to their couch. My luggages are the only problems so far, haha. Moving those heavy luggages was a workout indeed. Don’t forget how crazily uphill Porto (and Lisbon) is.

Thirdly, I am back to my jogging activities. WOOOHOOO!!! As I have written on my previous post here, my body doesn’t feel good if I don’t exercise. In addition, jogging is one of the ways to explore the city I live in. I had like 5-6k usually and jogged uphill at the deadly stairs near Dom Luiz I bridge. I used to hate jogging (and I still dislike running on a treadmill—–boowring), but I guess the beautiful sceneries make jogging seems more fun, right?

Take a Rest for a Bit

Take a Rest for a Bit

Lastly, I made one of the biggest decisions in my life. I didn’t tell anyone except my closest friends about this. I think Erasmus Mundus is a turning point in my life. I used to be this kind of girl who only cares about my own obsession and ambition. I didn’t really care about what happen with my country and so on. I used to think that happiness is having a job with high salary so taking this path had never been crossing my mind. Then.. there was one point when I thought to myself, “What have I done to the social community?” I was shocked that I might not have done and contributed many things.

Then, after discussing about this matter with some closest friends, I decided to apply for the teaching in a rural area program in Indonesia. I didn’t have the confidence that I would have been selected because most of the alumni of this program were those brilliant graduates from prestigious universities in Indonesia. Not to mention, with brilliant leadership skill. Me? My outer appearance shows that I am this kind of  a spoiled city brat.

Then… I got called for the medical check up! I passed two selection stages! The second stage was hard because I had to do it through Skype. I was so grateful because the interviewers were so friendly and cooperated. I learned a lot thru the second stage.

Then… I brought this decision to my family. My parents’ reaction? They opposed it. “It is in rural, Mbak! and you have to consider your age,” that’s what they said.

Then… I asked those programs’ alumni. I discussed this matter with everyone I knew with different backgrounds and professions.

Then… I went to Iceland and I kept thinking about taking that path. I made up my mind: I knew I wanted to do it. After coming back from Iceland, I told this to my parents. After a long discussion, they still opposed it. I was stuck. Some friends said just go with that, take the risk, don’t listen to them. Some friends said you know that parents’ permission matters right?

So, yeah, the final decision was: I obeyed my parents’ will. It was hard during a few days. Now I am more like… I can accept this tho there is this kind of feeling that “I have this dream but I cannot reach it.” — but as people said, “When one door closes, another opens”; right?

Walk up to Skogafoss, South Iceland

Walk up to Skogafoss, South Iceland

AND… now I just started processing those RAW images of Iceland. It may take some days until I finished my blog post about Iceland. WOOOH, I cannot move on from Iceland. I keep talking about it to everyone I meet. Wait for my special blog post dedicated to Iceland, okiii? 😉


9 thoughts on “Olá! How’s Life Lately?

  1. ah bhella, sayang banget ya nggak diizinin. tapi itu kan bukan satu-satunya tempat, mudah-mudahan dikasih kesempatan lain yang direstuin ortu juga 😀

    jadi mau kemana abis ini?

    ditunggu cerita iceland-nya 😀

    • Amiiin! Thanks, ka. The next path will be a surprise and i am lookin fw to that! I bet another journey is waiting for me.
      Best of luck for u tooo ❤️

      Yeaaah!!!! Iceland post will be awesome. Hopefully 😉

  2. at least your parents understand what’s best for you 🙂
    if the job is supposed to be yours, then it will be yours, maybe not now but it will become eventually..
    be well prepared for your defence, and good luck for your searching of new path (job), hope everything goes well 🙂

    • Ameeeeeeeen. super thaaanks Mey *hugs*

      i do believe on what u said. If it’s mine, it will be mine 🙂 I hope for the best and lookin fw to what is waiting for me (that I have to work on that too).

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