Jadi Bule di Negeri Bule Part V: Papa-Paparazzi!

“Jadi Bule di Negeri Bule” means being a foreigner in the land of foreigners. Indonesians usually call a foreigner who comes to Indonesia as “bule”, it’s a slang word btw. You can read also “Jadi Bule di Negeri Bule Part I” here , Part II here, Part III: Saturday in Oporto here, and Part IV here.

The perks of being a “bule” is being a public attention! Yes it is. A Portuguese friend who had been living for a year in Yogyakarta, Indonesia, as an exchange students told me that Indonesians looked at him whenever he walked and even asked him to take pictures with them. LOL, you were famous, dude! Well yeah, that’s the perks of looking “different” than the locals.

Some people feel offended and think that the locals are racist but I prefer to think the positive way: the locals are curious about me. and I am happy of it. With my 100% Indonesian face and tanned skin plus my colourful scarf, I turn to be an attention-grabbing. Local Portuguese (especially the elders) tend to look at me when I am in Portugal. That’s because there isn’t many Indonesian (with the scarf (hijab) —- and not to mention, my sounds-like-Mariah-Carey loud voice) living in Portugal. Some grandmas I met in public places even hugged and kissed me while saying “muito bonita (very beautiful)”. OOOH GRANDMA THAAANKYOOOU ❤

This scarf I wear takes more attentions during summer. It is super hot in Portugal and people look at me with the expression of “hey-girl-don’t-you-feel-hot?”. Some people asked me directly and I answered, “Don’t worry. I am very used to it. My country is waaaay much hotter than here.” In fact, i will feel uncomfortable if I take my scarf off.

During Serralves Festa

During Serralves Festa (Screenshoot-ed by Martha from local newspaper’s website)

One interesting thing is the paparazzi! Ok, I am exaggerating.

I love joining several events in Portugal whether organized by municipality office or private organizations. I realized that some official photographers intentionally took  “candid” picture of me (and my friends) during the event. They stayed 1m nearby me so I usually realized when they were around. Yesterday, I attended this Global Shapers Europe conference meeting and when I was there talking with my friend, a photographer came nearby. After he took a candid picture of us, my friend asked him to properly take another picture of us. LOL.

Screenshot 2014-09-06 11.04.17

During Oporto’s Zumba Night (taken from Porto Lazer’s Official Facebook Page)

Another case happened when my friends & I were selling our stuffs at a flea market. A boy took pictures of us with his phone directly in front of us 😮

At first, I felt quite uncomfortable but then as time went by… I didn’t really care :p Who knows that someday in the future I will be on the list of Forbes’ The World’s 100 Most Powerful Women. Ameen!

Who has similar experiences like this? Enjoying the perks of being a foreigner in another country? Do you enjoy it like I do?


28 thoughts on “Jadi Bule di Negeri Bule Part V: Papa-Paparazzi!

  1. I did 😀 dulu hampir selalu ditanyain sama teman2 kenapa aku berhijab dan temen2 indo yang lain engga, dan malah mereka excited tanya-tanya tentang hijab dan islamnya, hehe suka banget baca2 post di blog kakak! 🙂

    • Asiiik terima kasih Nerissa sudah membaca blog aku. super seneng mendengarnyaa. so sweet :”>

      jadi pengalaman tersendiri ya. berasa jadi agen Islam begitu *tsaaaaah* dan buat aku malah jadi tantangan untuk kita belajar dan memahami Islam lagi. biar ga salah kalo kasih penjelasan ke orang2 hihi :p

      anywaaaay, aku juga suka dengan blog kamu, u have that talent of photography! keep on writing 😉

  2. Hahaha I had it twice, kak, first was while having a summer camp in Chongqing, China. I’m pretty sure if the people there could rotate their heads like an owl does they would do that when I and my friend who wore hijab walked near them 😛 (in fact some people even stopped playing games and stared at us for a while haha).

    Second was when I tried to pray dzuhur in Japan. A Vietnamese student asked me and my friend to tell him if we’re about to pray again because he wanted to take a picture of us praying :3

    Luckily here in Groningen women wearing hijab is pretty common so that I do not need to have another experience like that anymore 😀

    • i experienced your second one also! a friend even documented me doing salah 😆 kinda awkward but she was soo curious and asked many things from the ablution until the praying clothes “why do you have many colourful praying clothes, Nabila” hahaha.

      I guess now you know how to be an actress having people staring and (almost) rotating their head B) you will miss experiencing that in Groningen, maybe :p enjoy your new life in the NL and EU, Nasha! good luuuck! ❤

  3. keknya orang Porto suka direct kalau wondering akan sesuatu/seseorang yah 🙂 kek waktu itu aku lagi jalan di pasar loak di belakang area Rua das Galerias de Paris , tiba2 ada ibu setengah baya yang puk puk bahu ku, aku lgs dong yang extra alert gitu, sampai akhirnya pertahanan luluh karena dia hanya wondering dari mana aku berasal, just because my brown skin, small eyes, curly black hair. Waktu aku bilang dari Indonesia, she even more surprise krn Ubud salah satu kota kecintaan nya, so we continued our chit chat 🙂
    Yang bikin aku lebih terkejut , ternyata ibu itu seorang prof dari universitas (i forgot the name) yang sedang memasarkan buku nya yang baru terbit di pasar itu 🙂 how lovely ! 🙂

    • how lovely it was mb Feb! iya bangeeeeet. aku juga bingung orang2 Portuguese kok bisa se-direct itu ya hahaha. trus engga takut sama strangers trus awal2 malah aku yang kadang takut2 klo disapa2-in :p

      i also think that was a fate! you met someone who was (and is) into Ubud, mb Feb. Hope you can meet her again in the near future. tuker2-an kontak ga mba?

    • kalo di Jakarta sudah biasa banget yaaah, Mey. di Solo masih jarang jadi kalo ada bule suka disapain “hello Mister hello Mister” 😆 dulu aku wondering itu bule gimana ya kalo disapain. eeeeh sekarang beneran ngerasain jd bule hahaha.

    • hahahaha. memang stress mas dedy. tapi kalo aku malah lebih suka sebaliknya, aku lebih enjoy ke negara yang bahasanya non Inggris. seneng banget ngerasain momen “lost in translation”. truuus tiba2 jd dapet inspirasi buat postingan blog selanjutnyaaaa haha!

    • tenaaaang lama-lama kamu akan terbiasa tus. mereka memang ngelihatinnya beneran bikin kita berasa antara (1) alien atau (2) artis. daripada ngerasa aneh, mendingan pilih berasa jadi artis hihi :p

  4. you are famous indeed :)….being here and there :)…well, at certain point, people always find someone different..I guess we have the same formula here as well :)..They always admire my tenun or colorful batik outfit :)…stay famous, dear…

  5. Assalamu’alaikum
    Halo mba… salam kenal.
    Kebetulan banget lagi browsing orang Indonesia yang di Portugal… dan ketemu blog mba…
    Kebetulan aku insya Allah bakal di Portugal sampe akhir November mba, tapi nggak di Porto…
    Semoga bisa ketemu mba Bhella 🙂

    • Iyaaaa. Aku sudah pulang. Portugal will always have a place in my heart. Mskpun aq sudah pulang, kisah d portugal bklan terus berlanjut di blog. Krna terlalu banyak hal yang menarik untuk diceritakan hihi 😉

      Oh iyaa, terima kasih yah sudah mampir membaca blog aku.

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