Settling Down in One Place?

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Since I graduated from elementary school, I don’t have my own room in my house. I usually stay at my sister’s room. I spent my 6y high school in a boarding school (3y junior in a boarding school which is 15′ driving from my home and 3y senior in Serpong, Tangerang). Then I moved to Bandung to continue my undergraduate study and I had been living in Bandung for about 5 years. I recall that this year I will celebrate the Id Al-Adha in my hometown, Surakarta, after 8 years. 8 years!!! WOW! I didn’t realise I had been missing my mom’s rendang cooking for 8 years.

Do you like to wander around the world or settle down in one place?

When I first left my house to stay at the boarding house, I cried like crazy. Everyday my parents and my grandpa came to visit me. I called home everyday. I wanted to go home. I didn’t like it there. I was only allowed to come home once per two weeks on Friday. For the first few months, I always went home. Time passed and I started having many friends and hanging out with them. Then I barely came home on Friday. I didn’t call my parents that often too because they always came to visit me once per week.

In 2004, I moved to Serpong, Tangerang. It was kind of a huge shock for me. From a small city to a big city. It’s the capital, Jakarta. The metropolitan. yeah yeah, I know, Tangerang is in rural Jakarta or Jakarta coret. My father usually visited me once a month because he has several businesses in Jakarta and there were many direct flights from Surakarta to Jakarta. In contrast, my parents barely came to visit me in Bandung, West Java. Why? Because there wasn’t any direct flight from Solo and it was hard for them to take 8h train trip. My father came to Bandung once per year because of the ITB alumni events or reunions. But I didn’t feel sad, I came home every holiday: twice per year.

I am so used to moving around and living in many places although my family stays in Surakarta, Central Java. It is 1h by plane from Jakarta and 8h by train from Bandung. Apparently, it becomes one of my first world problems: once I get so comfortable in one place, I start thinking to move. I start thinking, “Where to next?” Even I cannot stay longer at my parent’s house. I want some…challenges. I want new environment. I want to get lost.

My concern now is my parents. Without me realising, they are getting old and I barely spent many times with them. My father is always the first person who encourage me & my siblings to wander (in Indonesian: merantau.) He insisted that me & my siblings should study outside Surakarta. Amongst us four, I am the one who study the farthest. From 15′ driving from home until 22-24h flight (plus transit time) from home. Honestly speaking, I am expecting the next destination should be more than 24h flight (plus transit time) from home – Surakarta. AMEN!

I know there must be one point when and where I should settle down. I am ready for that moment to come. I am coming home at the end of this month and I am looking forward to spending more quality times with my family. I am looking forward to arguing with my father (we always did that!), I am looking forward to hearing my mother yelling on me about how messy my (sister) room is, I am looking forward to listening my siblings’ stories, I am looking forward to..meeting them!

and yet.. I am preparing for my next destination. Where to next? This will be a surprise!!!


15 thoughts on “Settling Down in One Place?

  1. Bagus banget kakak bheel tulisannya. Aku juga, pengen merantau lagi abis ini, tapi aku kangen papa mamaku 😥 #melankolis hahahaha

    Btw sama banget sama aku, gak bisa di rumah ortu kelamaan, ntr ada aja clashnya. Anyway, sukses terus bhelskiiii~ leave your traces around the world!

    • ihiiiy muito obrigada saskianinha~ kamu pasti juga kangen keponakan2 kamu yang lucu2 itu kaaan?
      kalo aku paling kerasa clash pas lulus s1 kemarin, makanya aku “ngabur” ke Bandung hahaha :p
      ASIIKK! siaaaap. you too. lots of luck for you too saskoo. We will leave our traces around the world and meet on top B)

  2. ahh senangnya mau main ke indo yah, pasti mau puas2in makan enak disini yah.. kuliner indo ngangenin kan kalo buat perantau 😀
    ikutan excited menunggu surprise about your next destination 😛
    enjoy your time here with your family ^^

  3. it’s really nice to be a globetrotter..I feel you :)…Well, at least my fam and I are enjoying it as well..with its ups and downs (let alone surprises and adjustments taking place wherever you go), we manage to laugh at whatever we have at hands :)…but missing our parents and the big family is indeed one big hollow chunk in our hearts..hangin’ there…cheeers….

    • And another problem of being a globetrotter: when it is time to move and say goodbye 😦 i found this super hard , mb. Even harder than pack my horrible overloaded stuffs.

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