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My 2014: Study, Travel, and Have Fun!

Today is already the forth day of 2015. Yeah, a new year, a new beginning! Tho it is a bit late, I want to join the euphoria of making reviews of my 2014’s moments and bucket list for 2015. I don’t usually make this review and bucket list per year as I usually do these things at the beginning of a new semester (yeah, students’ life).

My 2014 started when Cili and I impulsively spent our NYE in Zurich, Switzerland. We caught the last train back to Lucerne (thanks to our abusive use of Swiss Pass. Complete story on “How Do You Spell the Magic, Switzerland?“) but unfortunately we had to pay 7 Swiss Franc for a night bus. Because I was traveling on that time, I didn’t make any 2014 resolution. But as I look backward, 2014 left some memorable memories on my mind.

1) I am who I am Now.

365-day is not a short period indeed. Those days in 2014 had shaped me into who I am right now. My highlight were my last semester being a Master’s (and an Erasmus) student and also myself as a traveller. I didn’t have any classes during my last semester. Therefore, I applied for an internship job (whose project became my thesis project). I spent days as an office worker with 9AM-5PM daily routine on a desk. Having this experience had enriched me with how did it feel to work in a consulting firm, how did it feel having inspiring discussions with the CEOs about expanding business, economics, and political issues’ effects on business, etc. I had to say I was lucky and I learned a lot tho I thought being a salaryman wasn’t for me.

I applied for Indonesia Mengajar (teaching is always a dream of mine), got accepted, but didn’t get any permission from my parents. It was hard to let one of my dreams go but I do believe that when one door is closed, another door will open. Complete stories on “Olá, How’s Life Lately?

I realised several changes on myself: I value quality time with my most beloved ones more than before and I do not judge things easily now. I know chat messengers and Skype are there to hide the distance. But I never fancy them. I am fond of handwriting on a postcard/letter and meeting people in person. I always believe that time is the best thing I can give to my families and friends. Moreover, I love talking about places more than talking about people (except talking about the locals in those places I visited). I focus more on my life and goals than other people’s life. Theirs are not my business, right? 😉

2) My First Two-Year in European Union: 17 Countries, More than 55 Cities, and Countless Experiences.

I returned to Indonesia after two years being an Erasmus student. Thank you European Union for this opportunity. You can’t imagine what has Erasmus Mundus done to my life. It’s indeed a life-changing experience.

My father treats her daughters as princesses who are not allowed to travel unaccompanied. This treatment shaped me into a spoiled girl. I used to be a spoiled brat who has to be accompanied everywhere. When I first moved to Portugal, I challenged myself to travel solo. I was so scared at the beginning but yeah…now it is kinda addictive. I met new friends, I encountered new things, and most importantly, I have many stories to be told. You know I cannot stop talking, right? 😉

Complete stories: meet me and ask me! 😀

3) Healthy Lifestyle

I started this lifestyle again in February, 2014. I joined a gym, committed to a gym and a meal plan, and I have been so happy. Now it is harder to do it in Indonesia because healthy ingredients are much more expensive. Therefore, I try to balance my working out with what I eat: More yogas, more zumbas, more gym thingies, less fried, less sugar, and less salt. Complete stories on “Working Out, Consistency, and Commitment“.

4) Got the first offer to write a book

Still cannot believe how blogging brought me to a new career path: a writer. and can’t believe that I enjoy writing as much as I enjoy reading a book. Take a peek on my first collaboration book on “Introducing: Finding Islam, There is Always a Light in Every Journey“.

5) I C E L A N D

There is something about this country that makes me… cannot stop talking about it! Iceland, I will come back. I promise you. (Still) ongoing stories about Iceland:

5) I am a Master!

WOHOOO! I have graduated from my Master’s study in uPorto. My diploma has safely arrived in Indonesia (thanks to Ghufi & Pak Akuat) and I am ready to move on. I skipped my graduation ceremony at the beginning of November because I had been longing to meet my families and friends. Kinda regret this decision of mine but now, whatsoever I am ready to rock my next chapter in life.

Graduating from a Master’s study felt different than graduating from an undergrad study. I have been thinking more about my career path and what kind of commitment that I am ready to commit myself into, including a commitment to be a devoted wife and mother in the future. Amen.

6) Thank You. Terima Kasih. Obrigada. 

2014 is meaningless without these awesome families and friends who have coloured my life.

Thank you for your continuous supports. Thank you for your comforting hugs. Thank you for being there for me, especially during the downs. Thank you for your messages who suddenly popped out and made me smile when I was feeling down. Thank you for making me laugh. Thank you for not questioning what was I doing. Thank you for your time coffee-chitchatting with me. Thank you for your time listening to my mood-swing blabbers. Thank you for the late-night Skype chat for you and evening Skype chat for me. Thank you for not giving up the 7-hour time difference. Thank you for your time choosing which postcard, writing on it, and sending it to me. Thank you for your patience. Thank you for the late night conversations. Thank you for traveling with me. Thank you for listening to my random talks.

and lastly, thank you for believing on me ❤

My 2014 could be described into three things: study, travel, and have fun! For 2015, as I turned 25 last October, I decide to be more mature and focus on my self improvement and development. I was tagged by my friend, @yoethfath, to define my 2015 bucket list. So here is my bucket list:

  1. Be a PhD candidate. I know I want this and I will work my a** off to make it happen. #UK2015
  2. Publish more papers and journals. Another way to travel and expand networks, right? 😉
  3. Implement services design for a better community’s life.
  4. Learn how to cook and bake. Mommy wants to enroll me to a baking class. Take this challenge? YES!
  5. Write more books. It started with the “force” to publish a paper and for a TOEFL IBT Writing test. Now I am addicted to writing. (Complete story on “Menulis Essay, Mudah atau Susah?“)
  6. Weigh around 44-45kg and more committed to a healthier lifestyle. Less fat and more muscle mass.
  7. Allocate more time for my families and friends. For me, it is not a matter of how long do I know someone, but a matter of someone’s real presence in my life and vice versa.
  8. Save more money and invest on good deeds.
  9. Settle down. I won’t deny this fact: I am 25 tho I look like a toddler. So I guess I have to think about settling down with someone, right?
  10. Be a more positive and better person. Less mood swings.
  11. Add more stamps on my green passport. The United States? Deal!
  12. (…to be continued)

Let’s make these happen, Nabila. Hugs!

26 thoughts on “My 2014: Study, Travel, and Have Fun!

    • iyaaaa mb alhamdulillah ^_^ pengen kembali lagi kesana sih hehehee. aneh banget balik ke hometown malahan berasa jadi orang asing :ppp

      amiin amiin amiin. semoga doanya juga balik ke mb yessssss :*

    • amiiiinn amiiin amiin YRA. Terima kasiih rosa :* semoga rencana2 kamu juga dilancarkan yesssss.

      iceland is definitely a must visited country. Ga pernah terlupakan bangeeet trip ke Iceland-nya ❤

    • Halllooooo Ien salam kenaaal . Mamacii sudah mampir kemari dimari 😉 sama yaah bucket list qt yg nomer 10? High five. Amiiin amiin. Smga list kamu juga tercapai semuanya yessss

  1. Nabila, I like your new years resonlutions :). I hope you can achieve all of them !! and …also want you to get handsome boyfriend and me as well (please!!!!!!!!!!TT) hehe
    You know I’m going to Canada soon, and if you come to USA, let’s meet at NY XD !! Never been there 😦
    Anyway, I wish we can meet again in 2015, and this year is yours so enjoy it! 😀

  2. Mudah2an resolusinya bisa kesampean semua yaa.. Oh iya masalah hidup sehat itu 1 hal yg pengen aku lakuin tapi susah banget karna banyak makanan ga sehat tapi enak di Indo 😀 Harus bener2 bertekad ini sihh

    • amiiiinnn. Terima kasiiih Maria. ahahaha beneeer. aku pas udah di Indo jadi lebih selo nih. tapi tetep sih mengurangi gorengan dan santan. duuh makanan Indo memang tiada duanya :p

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