Introducing: Abhe, Dimas, Nabila, and Flores

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It all started when Dimas asked us in our group chat, “hey guys, how is our plan to travel together?” which I excitedly agreed on that. For me, it had been two years that I hadn’t traveled with my friends. Been two years of me wandering around Europe so I thought, “It’s the time for Indonesia.” Besides, I terribly missed my friends. At the beginning we thought of going to Derawan Islands, East Kalimantan. But out-of-nowhere someone mentioned Flores and then without any further ado, we picked Flores.

“Why don’t we go there?”

Flights were booked in the middle of our busy days. I was preparing for my thesis deadline and defence while Dimas and Abhe were in the middle of their projects’ deadline. Then as expected, we defined our itineraries and looked for accommodations two days before our departure. A friend of ours, Edria, who lived in the same apartment with Dimas was so worried when he found us unprepared. He even contacted his friend who had been to Flores to help us just in case something would have happened to us. But at the end, three of us decided to travel almost “go-show” without any prior booking. LOL!

Day 01: Still with our city-kid style

Day 01: Still with our city-kid style

Hiked to Wae Rebo

Hiked to Wae Rebo: First Stop.

Special for Flores, our story is written with three different perspectives. We think that one of the most interesting things when talking about places is the fact that each person has different impression about it. It is one place, but there are zillion stories about it. Not to mention, when it comes to write the story, each person has their own way to interpret the story into words…and pictures. Each post is accompanied by several pictures taken by the person who wrote the story.

Sunset on boat: checked!

Sunset on boat: checked!

Seafood dinner for (almost) everyday!

Seafood dinner for (almost) everyday

You can choose from which perspective you want to read the story from. It could be from Abhe who was so worried about our trip because of his workload (it was his first time being away from his laptop!) — read on “Our First Impression About Flores: Abhe’s Story“; or Dimas who thought about how expensive our flight ticket was yet we came unprepared — read on “Our First Impression About Flores: Dimas’ Story“; or from my point of view, who didn’t think of anything except that finally she could travel into a remote area after being so heart broken because of her Indonesia Mengajar dream — read on “Our First Impression About Flores: Nabila’s Story“.

US & our backpack

US & our backpack


– Came with the dandy city kids style. But then after 2 days, we started dressing like locals: checked.

– Our skin colour turned into a coffee colour: checked.

– Seeing the famous spider rice field of Manggarai with our own eyes: checked.

– Drinking the original Flores coffee in Wae Rebo: checked.

– Drinking fresh water directly from the springs and in Cunca Neweng waterfall: checked.

– Breathing a fresh air in the morning at Kelimutu National Park: yuhuuuuu checked~

– Overland half-Flores with a super loud mega bass music and an opened car windows that made a 3cm layer of dust on our face: checked

– Taking the glorious otto kayu (a truck that is used as local transportation) and risked our life in a 5h trip that was more heroic than any roller coaster in Disneyland: checked.

– Being tricked by a random tourist hunter who offered us an unregistered travel: checked.

– Taking a local bus in a super scary road with cliffs on our left and right side (we were the only non-locals inside): checked.

– Wandering around Labuan Bajo on feet (~15km): checked.

– Live on board with three foreigners and those boat crews with a fierce face but had a dozen of flirts & surprisingly, had an awesome cooking skill: checked.

– Sleeping on a boat in the middle of the sea: checked.

– Snorkelling at the pink beach and Kanawa island: checked.

– Snorkelling with mantas: MEGA CHECKED!!! Especially Dimas who went face to face with two mantas. OMG!

– Sunset on boat: checked.

– Got a sunburn effect: checked for Dimas & Abhe ✌️✌️✌️

– Strolling around Bajo with songket (a traditional fabric) and being an attention seeker: checked!!! Yeay! (of course, dimas&abhe didn’t do that).

– We spent many days in Flores until locals recognized us when they met us: checked!!! Felt like locals, huh :p✌️(and Abhe started talking with Flores accent, lol).

– Having a favourite seafood stall that we always ate dinner there and got a discount after being so flirtatious with its owner: checked!!!!

Tiba teing (Manggarai language-thank you), Flores! ❤



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