Waiting for Midnight at the Legendary Perkedel Bondon, Bandung

The stall: small, a lil' bit hidden, anonymous.

The stall: small, a lil’ bit hidden, anonymous.

Perkedel is an Indonesian fried snack made of mashed potatoes covered by egg then being fried. Meanwhile, do you know what does the word “Bondon” mean in Sundanese (one of the regional language spoken in West Java)? The word itself has a negative meaning because it means (sorry) sl*t in Sundanese. This perkedel was named perkedel bondon because the (legendary) stall who sells this opens at 11 PM! This is the time when those bondon(s) go out to look for customers.

This small stall is located inside the St. Hall station. It is the last stop for angkot and located near the main train station in Bandung. More precisely, it’s located at Kebun Jati street. Basically, you need to drive to the train station, go straight then take a left turn on the direction to Pasir Kaliki. If you take a wrong turn (the first one), then you will end up meeting the real bondons on the street. Go to the direction of St. Hall instead.

This perkedel bondon stall is quite tricky. It has no sign written “perkedel bondon” or any stall name. There are two entrances of St. Hall, take the second entrance. There you will see many people waiting to be called.

So many people, you said???!!!

Relax, don’t worry. Put a poker face, go straight to a small desk and take your number (yes! this anonymous small stall has a queueing system), then take a sit. Wait until the old lady calls your number. This number is used for the perkedel only. FYI, there are plenty options of food that you can eat while you are waiting for the legendary perkedel bondon.


After 10′ of waiting, our number was called. One plate usually consists of 10 or 15 or 20 perkedels. Each costs IDR1500;- a bit expensive compared to other fried snacks in other stalls.


THE perkedel bondon

I took my first bite and wow! this perkedel was so crunchy (and hot!). The best way to eat this is with a plate of white rice and chili sauce. Plus, eat with your hands, haha. Trust me, this perkedel tastes way much better that way!

Honestly tasting, I didn’t feel that perkedel bondon tasted so special. My mom’s perkedel is more into my taste. Maybe because I love a tender one than the crunchy one. Well yeah, I said this while I ate four perkedels (with rice) at 12PM. OMG, with rice!

anywaaaay, make sure you try this perkedel bondon when you are in Bandung. A bite (and more) of a warm perkedel combined with warm rice and free glass of tea (yeah we are in Sunda area) is a puurfect package to enjoy the cold weather of Bandung.

Pssst…. don’t forget to take a wrong turn at first :p

Good night and happy eating (OH NOOO!),

8 thoughts on “Waiting for Midnight at the Legendary Perkedel Bondon, Bandung

  1. Aaaah!! Now you wrote about it with that very inviting picture, you made me drooling intensely. I’m curious to taste it. Hopefully will get the chance to do so!

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