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Photo Essay: Sunset Through My Lenses

I dunno why I love sunset more than sunrise. I think living in a city located in the coast made me addicted to sunset. Whenever I was bored or stressed, I took my camera and went out of my apartment to enjoy sunset. Well, I didn’t always bring my huge DSLR. My favourite spots were (of course) at the top of Dom Luiz I bridge (breathtaking and romantic! but not recommended during winter), the beach (yeah, laying down while enjoying the sunset. Who could resist this?), and surprisingly, my apartment balcony. 

Sunset hunting is always been my must-do activity when I am traveling. I caught several sunset moments that (sometimes) made me forgot my camera and just being selfish enjoying it with my own eyes. Of course, a perfect company to enjoy sunset is one of the best things that could happen.

Praise be to Allah for these magical moments.















As today is almost at the end of Ramadan and I am now packing my stuffs, I would like to say: take care of the “mudik” journey and taqabbalallahu minna wa minkum, dear Moslem brothers and sisters 😉

Happy Eid Mubarak!

PS. What is the most magical moment you have ever seen? Where and when?

PSS. Any recommendation of your favourite places spotting the sunset? Pleeeease please please let me know! 😉


18 thoughts on “Photo Essay: Sunset Through My Lenses

  1. Hai salam kenal, keren tulisannya, keren foto2nya….mau tny dong, bikin photo essay ini karena ada event tertentu atau gimana ?

    Foto2nya dr DSLR, menggunakan lensa tertentu ? saya lg belajar nih, jd terkagum2 dengan karyamu 🙂

    • Haii mbak Laras. Salam kenal. Waah terima kasih mb for your sweet compliments. Ini aku pk DSLR Canon EOS 60D.
      Hayuu mb belajar fotografi. Untuk awal2 banyak2 jepret mb. Untuk latihan angle & pencahayaan. Sm biar makin lengket sm kameranya jd enak setting2-nya

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