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The Teamwork: Komunitas Blogger Ikatan Alumni Insan Cendekia & Dormi[s]tory

More than 700 books have been ordered since we opened #Dormistory pre-order yesterday!

Dormi[s]tory is a wholeheartedly-written book by Komunitas Blogger Ikatan Alumni Insan Cendekia for our beloved MAN Insan Cendekia Serpong (MAN ICS). It has been three exciting days since we first published teasers for our community’s very first project! Alhamdulillah. Thankyou everyone who has placed his/her order. We are truly loaded with joy 🙂


This (early) achievement and euphoria happened because of the amazing teamwork behind it. And not to mention, the amazing bond within Ikatan Alumni Insan Cendekia, whom later we call it as IAIC

Komunitas Blogger IAIC

Before I started telling you about the memorable process and teamwork of making Dormi[s]tory, I would like to introduce  you about the community. Komunitas Blogger IAIC was established in late 2015 based on an initiative from IAIC committee of batch 2015-2016. The idea was to gather thousands alumni, who have similar hobby or profession in writing, to be able to collaborate and benefit societies. Komunitas Blogger IAIC facilitates its member through discussion forums and projects with the objectives to develop skills and interests of alumni in the world of writing and spread the love and passion for writing. The main requirement to be a member of this community is simply by having a blog. For the first period, I was given the responsibility as the Chairman of Komunitas Blogger IAIC.


… then Dormi[s]tory project began

I remember it was a rainy days on my way back to Bandung. I just had a long day full of meetings with clients in Jakarta. All I could remember was… I wanted to return to Bandung immediately. I checked on my phone and my eyes spotted hundreds of messages coming from Komunitas Blogger IAIC group. We had a new member called Rofida Lathifah who started this discussion about publishing a book.

Several members who had published at least one book shared their experiences. Surprisingly, each had different experiences. Those who hadn’t also joined the discussion. That was hot! Fida then came up with an idea to write our stories during our 3y studying at MAN ICS. I supported her idea and asked who wanted to become the leader? I was overjoyed when Fida voluntarily took the challenge. We listed those who were interested to collaborate for this book and Fida moved fast! She planned our milestone and made a tight deadline for us.

A few hours after, Yosi Ayu Aulia, joined the discussion then she wanted to take part as an editor. It happened so quick. Yosi uploaded a writing guideline and proposed her colleague to be an external editor. Both me and Fida discusses whether we would use an external editor or not. External editor would costed us yet our community didn’t have any income at that moment. We threw the discussion to the editing team that Yosi formed, then we came up with the decision: we would invest in an external editor. We believe we could learn a lot from Mr. Hernowo Hasim who previously worked as an editor in Mizan.


… everyone had submitted their writings, then now what?

We had around 15 writings at that moment, we thought these weren’t enough so we decided to open the writing vacancy to public. The requirements were still there: he/she had to join our community and that meant he/she had to have a blog. Many responded to our vacancy. The community was getting bigger. Then we listed which year hadn’t been on our list. We contacted our seniors at MAN ICS to get to the first and second-year seniors of IC. Those seniors were legends! They were there when MAN ICS was first established and we wanted them to share their one-of-a-kind stories. They agreed! They joined us! Finally, we got 33 writings from 29 writers. The community was super awesome. I had my thumbs up for the members. Later on, the editing team worked super hard to catch up with our tight deadline. I had my standing applause for them. After they reviewed each writing, they had to follow up with the responsible writer. Getting in touch with 29 writers? That wasn’t easy at all.

… self-publishing or contacting a publisher?

This question had been discussed between me & Fida. Many times! We had to catch up with the entrance exam of MAN ICS at mid of May, 2016 and we didnt have enough time. Using a publisher would cost us more days, even months. Fida and Yosi knew several colleagues of theirs who previously self-published their works. After analysing the pros and cons, we decided to self-publish our book. Fida with the help of Suci Fadhillah, who took part as layouter, started comparing printing houses. I was amazed with their result! In parallel, Yosi discussed about the edited writings with Mr. Hasim many times. She put Fida & I within their correspondences. He helped us in shaping our book and how should we put the orders for all the writings. We surely learned a lot!

… tick tock, it was almost the deadline!

The selected printing house agreed to our request within one condition: we had to submit the writing at the latest on April 25th, 2016. Everyone was panicked! We got the cover proposed by Dafira Nuha yet the cover still need several improvements. Meanwhile, the book layout hadn’t been finished for those 33 writings. Fida and I decided to divide our focus: She focused on the text proof-reading, assisting Suci in layout, and communicating with the printing house. Meanwhile, I focused on every design materials, especially the cover. We were super lucky because our colleague Gilang Andi helped us redefining the cover and Anri Pristidianita helped us in formatting our design into Corel Draw format that will be polished by Dafira before we sent it to the printing house.

I have mentioned if our community didn’t have any income, right? Yes, we didn’t have! Laksito Hadi was in charge for funding, external, and alumni affairs. He scored an agreement to get us some helps from the alumni with the assistance from Adam Ardisasmita, the Chairman of IAIC. When we got the fundings, of course we need someone to manage it. Then, Nadia Anindita Vandari voluntarily accepted the challenge to be the main treasurer.

I told you. This happened so fast! Within 2 months we had submitted our book to the printing house, we have opened the pre-order, we have started the #Dormistory campaign, and what we didn’t expect the most: the responses we got from MAN ICS alumni and those who were interested with MAN ICS.

IMG_9356 IMG_9357 IMG_9355

… it was always been the teamwork.

700 books ordered in 2 days? WOW!

I was impressed with our teamwork… and our alumni word-of-mouth and social media marketing. The #Dormistory wave was out there! 

We know if we work voluntarily. We know we cannot expect anything except hope and dream when we put such an effort and sweat into it. We dream of having concrete contributions. We hope that our work will have huge impacts to societies, most importantly beneficing our alma-mater, MAN Insan Cendekia Serpong, who has brought us together and shaped us into who we are today. Our goal is to trigger more upcoming concrete contributions IAIC could deliver to societies.

We believe that through Dormi[s]tory, we have passed one big milestone. Hopefully, our enthusiasm doesn’t stop till here.

We have no words to say other than THANK YOU. Thank you, IAIC. Thank you, Komunitas Blogger IAIC. Thank you everyone who made this dream happened. Thank you everyone who believed on us. Thank you everyone who have ordered the book. Thank you, you  who spent your minutes reading our teamwork process 🙂


Let’s Hear What We Feel so Far…

“Di tengah euforia pembuatan buku dormistory, tiba-tiba ada alumni IC yang menunjukkan kumpulan cerita yang juga dibuat oleh alumni salah satu SMA di Indonesia. Saya tertarik untuk bertanya lebih lanjut mengenai buku tersebut. Saya diberikan profil salah satu penulis naskah dan saat itulah euforia saya runtuh seketika.

Apalah saya yang masih berkutat di Jombang? Apalah isi buku kami yang tidak menceritakan kehebatan masing-masing penulisnya? Kisah dalam buku kami sama sekali tidak menunjukkan kehebatan kami. Kami hanya menunjukkan bagaimana Insan Cendekia mendidik kami. Saya bingung, galau, sedih tidak tahu harus menumpahkan kepada siapa. Tidak mungkin saya ungkapkan di forum karena akan menyurutkan semangat kontributor lainnya. Akhirnya saya curhat kepada Kak Bela. Dan beliau dengan bijaknya berkata, setiap buku ada kekuatannya masing-masing. Dan kekuatan buku kita memang bukan pada diri kita, melainkan pada Insan Cendekia.

Saya merenung. Menyadari bahwa memang benar begitu adanya. Buku kami tidak bisa dibandingkan dengan yang lainnya. Karena kami memang istimewa. Saya tidak larut dalam kesedihan. Justru memiliki motivasi tambahan untuk segera mewujudkan buku ini menjadi nyata.” – Rofida Lathifah, Chairman of Dormi[s]tory Project

“Semangat berbagi dan berbakti. Itulah yang menjadi energi bagi saya untuk berkontribusi dalam pembuatan buku ini. Allah, melalui Insan Cendekia, telah mematri banyak kebaikan dalam diri saya (salah satunya pasangan hidup, hehe). Maka ketika undangan kebaikan ini hadir di depan mata, saya langsung menyambut dengan hangat dan antusias. Inilah momen yang tepat untuk beramal jariyah.

Seperti halnya semua impian, pembuatan buku ini pun melalui naik turun dan pasang surut dalam prosesnya. Bagi saya, tantangan utamanya adalah beda waktu 5-6 jam, kesibukan domestik, urusan pekerjaan, dan amanah lainnya. Beruntung teman-teman geng blogger bisa saling mengerti dan menyemangati. Beruntung suami saya mau bekerja sama untuk mengerjakan beberapa pekerjaan domestik saat saya dikejar deadline editing. Alhamdulillah semuanya bisa selesai dengan tuntas.
Semoga keikhlasan kami tetap terjaga, dan ini menjadi catatan kebaikan yang abadi di langit dan di bumi.” -Yosi Ayu Aulia, Internal Editor-in-Chief
“Seruuuuuu!!! Ngelayout bukan yang pertama kali Suci lakukan, tapi yang ini tuh menyenangkan bangeet. Seneng bangeet bisa gabung ngurusin proyek ini bareng kakak2 yang super kece dan semangat juga buat memberikan yang terbaik buat IC. Saluut! :)” – Suci Fadhillah, Coordinator of Dormi[s]tory Layout
“Saat saya memutuskan untuk turut membantu adam mengurus iaic, saya bermimpi banyak tentang iaic. Dan saya siap sepenuh tenaga untuk itu, termasuk mengurus buku dormistory. Dan dormistory adalah contoh yg baik bahwa mimpi bersama alumni ternyata bisa terwujud nyata,bukan cuma diskusi tiada henti, apalagi pepesan basi.” – Laksito Hadi, Coordinator of Funding, External, and Alumni Affairs
“Pas buka form response di hari pertama PO, aku bengong sendiri 😂 Hati bersyukur karena yang mesen buanyaaaak, tapi kepala pusing mikir gimana cara ngerekapnya 😂 Apa aku harus cuti kuliah seminggu?

Terus aku mikir, ‘ah cuma 100, bisa lah bisa’.

Sekian jam kemudian,
‘Alhamdulillah, 100 orang sdh beres’.
Tapi pas di-scroll kebawah, pesenannya udah jadi 450 😂 Ditambah dengan orang orang yg mulai nanyain “kak kok pesanan saya belum di-follow up?”

Mungkin aku harus mulai bikin surat izin kuliah.” – Nadia Anindita Vandari, Treasurer and Coordinator of Dormi[s]tory Orders



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