Let’s Find Out the Future Groom’s Two Favorite Solo Cuisines

In Front of Pasar Gede during the Chinese New Year Celebration

The future groom’s (still countable) visits to Solo have left much more impressions on him more than the feeling of being a future groom of a Solonese bride. Well, he is maybe in his nervous state because he is having his wedding vow in a couple of days. The future groom, whom everyone called as Anwari, cannot miss these two cuisines whenever he visited his future bride’s hometown. So not only the beauty (OK, the future bride was the one who wrote this post) of a Solonese lady who captured him, he also fell for the city’s local cuisines.

His favorite ones are as follows.

Dawet Telasih Bu Dermi

Dawet Telasih. Photo was taken from here.

Anwari was so happy knowing that the wedding venue was 10′ walk from Pasar Gede. Because that meant he could have a sip of his favorite Dawet Telasih Bu Dermi. The dawet stall itself located inside the antique Pasar Gede (where you could also find many oleh-oleh or local snacks). There are many stalls offering dawet telasih but the original one is located near the side entrance door of Pasar Gede and has a  sign hanging on top of it.

Honestly, the main stall has several branches in Solo but our recommendation is to have the dawet at its original stall unless if you are in a large group with old family members. The stall is quite small amidst other stalls who sell snacks. Plus, there is only a table for two people in the dawet stall.

Well anyway, who could resist having a cold dawet to refresh your day in a hot Solo?

Serabi Notosuman

The Original one. Photo was taken from here.

I bet you have known about it before coming to Solo. Solonese Serabi is different from Bandung’s known Surabi with oncom. The most known Serabi in Solo is the Serabi Notosuman which located in Notosuman area. There are two shops selling Serabi Notosuman so it depends on your own taste in deciding which one you prefer. There are two flavors of Serabi Notosuman: original and chocolate. Anwari’s favourite is the original one.

So, do you like the future groom’s recommendation? What do you think?


Nabila & Anwari


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