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Portuguese Beauty: Porto and/or Lisbon?

My Portuguese classmates asked me, “Which one do you like the best? Porto or Lisbon?” First time I heard that question was before my visit to Lisbon. They said that in Portugal there are two capitals. Lisbon as the capital of the southern Portugal and Portugal itself. Porto as the capital of the northern Portugal. … Continue reading

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Cooking Mama: Fluffy Bolu Kukus

Artikel ini dalam Bahasa Indonesia dan Bahasa Inggris.¬†This article is in Bahasa and English.¬† Bolu kukus merupakan salah satu kue basah yang sangat mudah ditemukan dimana-mana di Solo ketika Bulan Ramadhan. Mayoritas penjual menjual bolu kukus sebagai salah satu alternatif jajanan untuk menemani Anda berbuka puasa. Ternyata oh ternyata, kue basah favorit saya ini cukup … Continue reading

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Cooking Experiment: Chicken Lemonade with Ginger Butter Sauce

Two cooking-experiment posts in a row! Yay! These were my long-weekend-holiday activities besides jogging & reading XD Different from my previous post about Spaghetti Carbonara in here, this cooking experiment began because Bilqis fell in love with one of Toko You‘s menu. She was so curious of how to make that fried chicken menu with … Continue reading