Waiting for Midnight at the Legendary Perkedel Bondon, Bandung


Perkedel is an Indonesian fried snack made of mashed potatoes covered by egg then being fried. Meanwhile, do you know what does the word “Bondon” mean in Sundanese (one of the regional language spoken in West Java)? The word itself has a … Continue reading

Our First Impression about Flores – Nabila’s Story

Nabila Cover

//story and photos by Nabila As’ad.

We took a super early flight from Bali. I was so shocked because we encountered two Indonesians who wanted to cut the check-in line (a rare view in Europe). That experience was kind of ruining my morning enthusiasm about Flores. However, when our plane was about to land in Flores, I couldn’t close my mouth and kept pointing, “Guysssss, look. Look. Look. Look at those greenish and transparent beaches.”


A Beautiful Movement Called #illRideWithYou

These past five days, the world has been in a deep grief following the siege in Martin Place, Sydney, Australia, and an abrupt massacre at a supported-by-military high school in Peshawar, Pakistan (Yet the not-yet-solved case in Palestine and other cases in the other parts of the world). I was stuck in sadness and bitterness when I read the news :( Those killers were sick! Some men labelled themselves in the name of holy religion (or politics or any other parties) killed innocent citizens. The reasons behind their inhuman actions are being investigated further. The perpetrator in Sydney called himself as a Moslem and forced two hostages to hold a flag with a Shahada*) written on it. This siege scene in Sydney triggered the anti-Islam attitude across the city. However, the citizens’ reactions moved me into tears.

Taken from the Sydney Morning Herald (here)


Happy National Teachers’ Day on November 25th

With our teachers . Taken from Thowi's fb

With our teachers . Taken from Thowi’s fb

Last Tuesday on November 25th, Indonesia celebrated the National Teachers’ Day. The celebration wasn’t as huge as New Year’s celebration but for me, Teachers’ Day has much more meaning than the New Year’s.

On a night before, my elementary school mate, Thowi, invited us to  —>

Nabila, Stop Talking About Iceland! (Part II: the Road Trip)

Roadtrip Iceland

This part is the second most interesting part of my stories about Iceland. For you who doesn’t know what country Iceland is, I screenshot a picture of <!–more—>Iceland (the whole island is the whole country) from my Lonely Planet’s Iceland ebook – … Continue reading